fiscal austerity, y tho

As a matter of principle I never go out drinking with people from work, because work is all we end up talking about. Such a waste of beer. But once in a while I make exceptions to this rule, like I did last last month. Post exception I always regret. Colleague who is a ‘VP […]

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i exist due to a prank call

Over the weekend I spent some time in Rochester with a PhD. pursuing fellow. After downing few mugs of ale he told me the quirkiest tale of how his parents met. Take over from here pursuing PhD. in Imaging Science (PPIS) guy .. So my mother and her younger sister (my chinna amma) had gone […]

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वार्तालाप | Banter

In the pizza chart that is my social life/friends scene, two slices are predominant. Doctors and Computer Programmers. Rarely is there any overlap between these groups; unless I’m hanging out with a Chief Medical Informatics Officer cadre person. When I hangout with Doctors, it is usually in the company of other Doctors. The conversations always […]

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