A cauldron of emotions

The disadvantage of being a lazy, laidback and an out-of-job guy is that you MUST now do the ‘not me’ jobs which you use to sham earlier because the only ‘productive’ thing you are currently doing is to sit on the bed the whole day and day dream. In effect the life of a bed-potato.

As happens in my life always whenever I’m having a whale of a time (read: eat, read and sleep) there is always a disturbance that s‘h’uddenly appears on the horizon of my life with the only intention of spoiling my reverie. This time it was the appearance of a pair of relatives, about whom I was hearing for the first time. The people in consideration were an elderly couple who were to board a flight to the US of A to meet their long-lifted-off son. Since I was the only ‘single’ guy at home mission-airport-chod-aao was handed over to me. Even though I was a little distraught at the prospect of being away from my beloved bed even for the fraction of a second (last heard the folks at ‘this home’ were discussing whether it wud be a feasible idea to place the pot under my bed to save the trouble of getting up and you know…) the thought of the eye candy @ the airport quelled my misgivings and I eagerly took up the responsibility. Man! Why do people have to carry so many luggages when they travel abroad? As if they are traveling to a famine hit nation like Mongolia. Out of the four bags (huge ones!) one was completely reserved for achar’s (their son was a sucker for them kehthe) and one was for the sole purpose of carrying Kanchi pattu cheeralu for their kodalu. The other two bags held their gudda mukkalu and stuf.

Since I was handed over the task of taking them to airport their luggage was also my problem (it was like GURUKANTH DESAI mocking at me: ek lo aur ek muft) I first visualized how it would be if I hired apna three seater autos…two autos will be sufficient only for holding the luggage and we’ll have to go by the third…coordinating all the three is going to be a big pain…ditch it! I dialed dial-a-cab and pronto the vehicle arrived. I lugged out the luggage from the fifth floor of my apartment and after many detours piled the lot near the elevator and clicked the button impatiently…the lift I feel has a strange sense of humor (kinda like the janitor from my fav sitcom Scrubs)… it refused to respond to my repeated fingering of the knob…I got frustrated and kicked the iron gates…but to no avail…it was playing games with me… so with no other way to move the lot in one go (I would have loved to throw all the baggage out of the window and land it on the asphalt) I had to carry piece by piece from the fifth floor to the ground floor. By the time I was done…I was sure that I had burned away all the extra calories I had accumulated at McDonald’s and pizza hut. I was sweating like a pig and to make matters worse there was no ac in the cab cos it was a non-ac booking kehthe (what the hell is that supposed to mean?) the cab driver refused to help me in loading the cargo and I had to resume my duty of the coolie and dutifully maintaining the warm ‘Bhoomika’ (ah! my love) smile loaded the luggage into the hatch. Airport ahoy!

Now the advantage of staying in Panjagutta is that it’s very near to the airport. So within ten minutes of departure we were at the NT Rama Rao International Terminal. I still don’t get this funda of naming airports after deceased (diseased) politicians…politics of ‘naam karan’ is something that I’ll not delve into now.

So after reaching the appropriate terminal it was time to get out (and start hunting for eye candy) and the usual routine of unloading…loading on trolley…pushing the thing…meandering through the crowds… {I bow down to the guy who got the brilliant idea of attaching wheels to trolleys…it makes the whole process so simple}… but at the airport every coolie is waiting for an opportunity to make a few bucks…no sooner the hatch is opened a trolley appears out of the blue and a puny man takes out the luggage and loads it even before I have an opportunity to say wtf… the man starts moving the trolley and in this confusion the elderly couple settle the bill for the taxi (something I would repent latter) and deprive me the chance of playing the suave gentleman… I told the driver to wait for five minutes so that I can leave these people at the entrance and rush back. The puny man has already taken the trolley to quite a distance and is now standing in a long queue of people waiting to enter inside. I rush and catch up with him… all’s settled now…I take a glance at how I’m presenting myself…the results are not good…I’m wearing a white round neck tee which is soaked in sweat and making me look as if I’m coming from a rain dance…my hair is disheveled (I’ll sue the set wet guys and the Livon people)…my tee was this ‘attitude-message’ types which once had a witty line printed on it…the sentence ended with the word fool in big letters… due to my repeated washings using the ten out of ten surf excel the entire message had disappeared gradually only the word fool in big letters was visible now…due to the current translucentnature of my apparel it appeared even more prominent now… my jeans had faded so much that it resembled a shade comparable to that of cement… an worst of all instead of wearing my regular shoes I was wearing my bata hawai chappal…I put all these disturbing revelations aside and started observing the surroundings.

Now the airport is a place where you get to see different kinds of people. And the ones that come to the international airport are an eclectic bunch. I could see a sea of emotions in the people around me.

A student was going abroad…his parents, relatives and friends had come to see him off…he was hugging every one…flashing a sad smile… the hope of a better future was shining in his eyes… his mom constantly reminding him to eat well and take care of himself…dad telling him to work hard as he was spending his life’s savings on educating him…

A girl was also going abroad… only her mom had come to see her off…they both were crying and hugging each other… the girl was constantly telling her mom that she would call daily and to not worry about her…she told her mother to take proper care of her health etc…it was such a melodrama that mist started forming around my eyes too…

An old couple was going to meet their son who had settled abroad and had left his children back in India… the young teenagers were eagerly telling their grandparents to get them so and so from abroad (playboy and penthouse?)…

A harried business executive was making last minute changes to his presentation on his laptop occasionally yelling to his subordinate on the phone for providing wrong figures which could possibly jeopardize the deal he was going to make…

A husband was explaining to his attentive wife on how to manage things back at home till he returned from his foreign tour.

A newly married couple were posing for photographs and comforting their respective parents. (I thought that the guy looked sad and the girl happy) …they even exchanged garlands (now that’s what I call marriages are made in airports) and again posed for photos…

A lawyer was talking to his client that he had successfully negotiated an out of court settlement and that he was coming to NY for clarification of finer details (bill footed by the poor client I presume)

A family of four was also around…the wife constantly reminding her husband to check if the tickets were in place and occasionally slapping the naughty kids who were trying to open the n zips on the airbags.

A young newly married couple were drawing too much attention to themselves by a public display of affection…they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

A lovelorn guy was uttering sweet nothings on the phone to his girl friend, even occasionally blowing kisses into the phone and meanwhile lecherously eyeing another lissome gal who was passing by… (Guys!)

A daughter was taking her aged father for treatment…she looked sad and anguished…listlessly pushing the wheel chair…

A girl dressed in Versace appeared and on seeing the long queue ‘threw her attitude’ (what the hell types) and punched a few numbers into her pink motorazor phone and started talking excitedly….occasionally twiddling a lock of hair from her silky mane…what a turn on!

A professor was going abroad for some thope seminar and all his colleagues (according to me they would be the losers who couldn’t make it and were jealous that this guy was going) were giving him a handjob (shake hand!) and back slapping him.

A balding pan chewing man was cursing the airport authorities for the long lines while his coffee sipping friend was nodding in agreement.

An auto and a Merc arrived at the same time and their respective occupants got down… so much for disparity of incomes.

Tired of standing in the line and not getting to see all the eye candy flashing by… I made a lame excuse to the couple (something like I was getting a call from the President of India) and got out of the line and came near the pan coated parapet. I rested my bum on the wall and started gazing. There were a few guys next to me who were smoking like hell… one of them remarked… so and so airlines has such hot air hostess baap…when will air India have some like them…I spotted a beautiful gal and slowly moved into her field of view without seeming pretentious … she glanced at the writing on my tee and gave me a sorry smile… I felt like a stupid.

The line snaked its way slowly and the turn for my ‘party’ (yeesh! The cabbie language is getting added to my lingo) to enter the hall. They puny man pushed the trolley inside and disappeared like Harry Potter into the platform nine and three-quarters. The old couple bid adieu and the lady started fidgeting with her purse and produced a hundred rupee note which she was handing out to me. I was feeling embarrassed and angry (so they think I’m a coolie after all) and refused to take the note… why can’t they give a Nokia-N series instead? I wish them a happy journey and push off. I make my way to the parking area…wtf?…there is no cab… he has left because he got his money… damn the !@#$%

I started walking slowly towards Panjagutta. Now minus the transport the distance din’t seem so small after all. While I was walking, all the different emotions that I had seen on display at the airport made me think about our feelings. I had almost see all possible human emotions at one place:joy, happiness, sadness, celebration, victory, jealousness, calm, tiredness, anguish, anger, procrastination, loathing… airports are a cauldron of human emotions.

We never realize the true value of a person when he/she is always around us but when they are far away from us we miss them very much. I saw the parents of the young student let go of him at the separating barricade… it made me muse on how ‘each has to find his own road’. People have to branch out and explore new horizons. We may meet many people on the way and they are our pillars of support to realizing and achieving our destiny we can never hang on to them forever.

The cold march wind was blowing as I walked kept walking steadily, hugging myself for warmth and humming Atif Aslam’s Doorie sahi jaaye naa…

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  1. >i can see you are maturing as a writer … humour apart.. a streak of seriousness has begun to touch your writing these days.. hats off to your observation and deductive skills! 🙂 a nice take on life through lighter means…! 🙂 wonderful blog…!!

  2. >good one man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep postin more such good ones.nyways always hopin for a good one from you.and yes this time ur writin skills are good one as it shows both lite and serious mater at a balance.

  3. >LOLSomething that every guy encounters when he is a youth – that cusp between a nice cute kid and experienced mature man. Making a post of mundane things is an art.The trick is to tell it well and you have done that.

  4. >gud1…was laughin’ like helll..especially 4 dat ‘FOOL’ on ur tee…u hav improved a lot on ur humour element…kudos dude!….watchin’ da space 4 ur next blog entry…

  5. >Absolutely 11 on 10 for lovely descriptive! An inspiration for any writer! Your observation is par excellence and has the elements of humor, criticism, innocence and ‘putting-oneself-in other’s-shoes’ kinda approach. Fantastic! You’ve a new fan! Voila!

  6. >hey sid…cool work yaar…this is the first time i read your blog…u write awesomenice work of humor…keep this up…Himanshu

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