The M’06 Mega Odyssey

Note1: A very long post but interesting nevertheless
Note2: It’s late by one year
Note3: Any exclusion of events is purely on account of lapses in memory
Note4: This is my side of the story…so stuff it!

Let me take off from where I last left: Musings 2005
Rewind to Nirvana 2005 < < <

It was the second uneventful day of Nirvana 2005; We (the edi board) had been eagerly waiting for this day from many months…because it was the day on which musings’05 would finally be released. It was a moment of triumph and achievement for us to watch the result of our sweat, blood and toil unfold with such pomp in the audi hall.

All of us (the team) [the rest of the junta were either sleeping or looking eagerly at the backdoor as to when the promised chai would arrive] cheered and jeered as the board of baldies in succession flashed their million rupees rich toothless smiles and held up the copies of musings05 with the lava emanating {‘a masterpiece’ cover as claimed/propagated by the HairyFreak; the fire of our creative minds as put by Kaykay; absolute bull…. as interpreted by me} for the photographer.

photographers? Sorry, there was only one. The bald official photographer whose hand seemed to jerk every time the flash went off. to capture the moment of glory with their lenses. People who had slipped into state of deep slumber woke up with a start to the sound of clapping and they too participated in the noise making exercise; some enthusiastic back-seaters even whistled. People were craning their necks to catch a glimpse of the cover page; because it’s ‘the thing’ that forms a long lasting impression.


“It’s a fire/banana peel/volcano/custard/Telugu Desam Party Manifesto …it’s a pile of … it’s the musings cove page!” Hairy feigned indifference the ‘frank’ reactions of the junta to his heart wrenching design and ground-breaking photoshop effects (read blur and burst) and joined the baldies on the board for a High-dinner (on the lines of high tea) with the ‘male’ English sir. He got compliments from all the oldies and baldies as to what an a(ss)wesome work he had done on the mag (they were thinking he was the English faculty!). Lunch over he returned to MGIT. He boasted to the rest of us that the lunch had been too good (as if he had been served food by heavenly dancers sent down by lord Indra) and he had received handjobs (handshakes I mean!) from the entire board. We whiled time glorifying ourselves and grinning from ear to ear on what a Pulitzer winning magazine we had brought out.

The sun set and it was time for the gang-bang Rock fest. Two death-metal bands had been flown in from Bombay for the never-before-and-never-again-on-any-campus event. I was no big fan of the genre. The closest I had come to rock music was ‘We will Rock you’ by the British band Queen. The two bands from Bombay had strange names. Pin Drop Violence and Zero (strange names na? Or stupid names) I was in the first row right under the band’s lead guitarist. The freak noticing the brimming enthusiasm brought the guitar inches away from my ears and started playing. Then it started… I began what in day-to-day lingo is called ‘head banging’, as if on auto mode. The loud music transported me to a world of ecstasy. I understood what drug addicts meant when they said they were on a ‘high’. After head banging for about one hour I felt exhausted and came out for breath of fresh air. I bumped into Hairy who was explaining to 2 female and 5 male admirers (why is he always surrounded by more number of dudes always 😕 ) the awesome djob (design) he had give the cover page. They were swallowing every bit of his speech and salivating as if it was A R Rehaman live in concert. He was wearing his ‘imported-from-you-know-where’ Metallica cap with a Big M stitched very badly. The good thing about the ‘you-know-what-was’ that it kept his mass of unkempt tentacles under one roof.

He saw me staring at him in disgust and called me aside. I was brimming with energy thinking he would finally commend me for the excellent work I had done for the mag and present me his Metallica cap as a sign of respect… What was I thinking?

He: (a wry Smile)…So enjoying the Rock fest? You are sweating profusely… head bangingeh ? What do you think about their music? Pointing to the hairy freaks gyrating on the dais.

Me:I’m not much into this rock music and stuff. My impression of the particular band playing on stage is that their music is very loud and the lyrics undecipherable.

He: villagers like you will never understand the nuances of rock music (death metal) it’s for much higher souls.

Me: (dumb silence)

He: Arre tell me frankly…

Me: (What?.. that I think you are not straight…) about what ?

He: On a scale of ten how would you rate yourself on your contribution for musings 2005 ?

Me: hmmmm…. I would rate myself…

He: (in a metallically cold ironic chilling sarcastic loud taunting voice) I’ll save you the trouble. According to me you deserve a fuckin zero. Yes. A fuckin zero. You did nothing but laze around all day. Boring us with your endless talk, hampering our productivity. You did no bloody thing which is worth a mention. I wonder why allowed you to continue when you were not even my appointee. I bore with all throughout because I din’t want to disturb the fragile team setup. And your crap about being a moral support… I don’t buy any of that shit. You made into the team using backhand politics and influencing madam. I’ll not let you be on the team next year. If you make it by any chance it will be over my dead grave!

Me: (A dignified silence) I said goodnight and departed.

That night back at home seeing my sullen mood my always suspecting ‘i-know-he-is-upto-something’ folks questioned me if I was getting too stressed out with studies (of all the causes!) I said I was tired and crashed off. As I lay on my bed dreary images from the past two months were flashing on the 70mm celluloid of my eye. The smile on Kal’s face when she found that I too would joining her on the board; the ugly look on Ravi’s face; the terrified looks the juniors gave us when we campaigned in their classes; The sticking of the posters; how a bloody fucker stole my ideas and presented them as his; the joyful hours spent in the computer labs; bunking class; loosing internal marks; time lost seeking permissions from different departments; me and Ramnath running around like lost goats to get printouts; how I built ‘the network’; forcing people I knew, to give contributions; the release ceremony… so many memories…and I wouldn’t let the words of one guy make me feel that I was a worthless slob. My ego had been inflamed. Anger and rage surfaced. I wanted to kick his balls to his face. Lines from Hollywood movies appeared as voices inside my head… “Don’t get mad. Get even!” … “Revenge is a dish best served when cold.” … “One good act of vengeance deserves another.”
“Chun chun ke maro saale ko”… My internal demons were baying for blood. But the peaceful guy inside regained control and I slept over the murderous thoughts. By the morning all that had happened the previous evening seemed like a distant dream. The sem exams were round the corner and the steep downward spiral of marks due the musings business kept me busy trying to salvage my five point someone position in class. The sem exams ended and for two months I lazed in the glorious Delhi sun and returned to Hyd. I had to put up in a hostel form third year.

Once back in college I came to now that Hairy had been placed in Wipro. I heard from the grapevine that the musings experience had been the only noteworthy point in his otherwise bland resume. He had bluffed the HR guy into believing that he was the best thing to happen to Wipro since Azeem Premji. I ran into him the very first day of my new semester. He gave me the purposely ignoring look and I gave him the purposely looking look. He had a hair cut and now sported a crew cut aka stevedores and longshoremen (I couldn’t address him as Reverend Hairy Freak now) But still the male populace buzzing around him din’t seem to subside. The mere glace of him whizzing past me in the corridor brought back bitter memories and the inner demons started rearing their vengeance seeking head. An industrial tour was announced I got busy with the organizing part and Ravi slipped back into the recycle bin of my grey matter. The tour was a (un)memorable one. Our class showed: divided we stand. After returning from the nerve wrecking tour I was too spaced out to bother about revenge and spent rest of the semester recuperating from the problems induced by the tour. The semester ended and I was back in Delhi for the hols.

I was getting bored to death with nothing to do when they (CS’s) started coming.It first struck me that irrespective of what Ravi had mouthed at me the previous year I WILL be in musings this time. I decided that I would not seek revenge but his respect. I will make him see that he had made a mistake in spotting and understanding people. I would beat him at his own game. There were a few ideas which I wanted to implement the previous year but couldn’t because of the time constraint. I always was fascinated by the rapid strides blogging was making into mainstream media. So I started my first blog musings06 blog and simultaneously created the future correspondence email id for the mag. Then one night as the clock struck eleven I buzzed Ravi (whom I had still kept on my messenger list) and he replied (I din’t expect him to). He asked me what the matter was. I told him that I had created a blog for musings06 and also the email id. He was taken aback by my sudden genuine involvement and creative genius. He said he wanted three more Kalpanas’ (here Kalpana is used as a unit for measurement of dedication and rock solid grammar fundas) and then we would have an excellent team. He didn’t say if he had taken me in or not… I had counted myself in.

I told him it would be difficult to find two Kalpanas’ let alone five. I told him we were not making full use of the skills of the one we had with us, what would we do with five. Moreover people like Kalpana are a rarity. He relented. I suggested Triveni for the post of the head Telugu editor because she wanted to really work for the magazine and not for self glory. So now we had four people already on the team. Ravi decided to limit the board to ten members. He came up with a blueprint on how the composition of the board would be. He had to make some real bold decisions like telling some people that they had not needed on the board this year; (incidentally these very people went on to make Nirvana the most successful campus fest that year) there was a lot of hostility; bad blood and bitching. Ravi handled all this without batting an eyelid pulled of the coup successfully and proved that he had ‘balls’. He actually placed all the blame on out-of-contact-with-happenings English sir for the throw-out-act, who never knew why people were scoffing at him and how many times he had been cursed in the choicest of expletives by the bumped off’s. And strangest of all I and Ravi had developed a mutual-admiration-club (MAC) and we would stroke each others ego’s as to what a great work we were doing. Our old hostilities and misgivings never seemed to have happened at all.

Our next task was recruitments. Ravi, Kal and me went to the second year classes looking for fresh asses to work for the mag. Ravi and Kal did the talking; I did the people watching. Ravi was cool and composed; Kalpana was energetic and confident; Sid was sleepy and stolid.

Ravi:Hello class. Good morning. We are from the college mag Musings. Anyone here ever heard about musings?

Not even a single hand went up. One enthusiastic guy (a showoff) asked Ravi if musings was the same thing as The Retreat (wtf?) Ravi explained that while The Retreat was a weekly newsletter; Musings was an annual college magazine of the students; for the students and by the students.

Ravi: any one here knows photoshop? (not everyone can be a child prodigy like Ravi)
No hands went up.
Ravi: any one here knows Corel?
No hands went up.
Ravi: anyone here knows any Adobe PageMaker?
No hands went up.
Ravi: anyone here knows any image editing software?
A few collective yawns went up.
Ravi (flustered): So anyone here who is enthusiastic about working for the magazine in the design department drop into B Block drawing hall in the afternoon for a pre placement talk. I’ll be selecting designers to work for the mag.

Kal:Hello everyone.

No response.

Kal: We are looking for people to work as editors for the magazine in the English, Hindi and Telugu departments.

Kal: all interested people please turn up at B Block in the afternoon for a small selection test.

Ravi & Kal (sounding as enthusiastic as possible): People! Working for musings is a once in a life time chance. Not everyone gets to work for the mag. But take it for granted that once you have worked for the mag you stand to gain a lot (and loose attendance; internal marks; social life) the experience is one you’ll cherish for a long time. So see ya all in the after noon

Sid (squeaking for the first time): Au revoir

The same lines (by us) and the same dumb response (from them) in all the classes. We were not expecting many people (no people) to turn up.So when I spotted 25 odd somethings in the drawing hall I was plainly surprised. The crowd had a few people I knew. There was Adi, Chetan, Triveni and a host of new eager expectant faces. Ravi took the center stage and rattled on about the job profile and the skills needed. As he mouthed his ‘stringent’ requirements people started departing steadily like tsunami victims. Only four people were left now who met some of the skill set Ravi needed. Aditya H, Aditya Narayanan, Shiva Aditya and Harsha (of Shiva Aditya fame). Ravi told he would send all of them an image on which they would have to make out and bring out a complete new mind blowing one. After short listing the design team probables the next topic on the agenda was selection of the editors.

I had expected a decent turnout and was not disappointed. We took mail id’s from all the people present and said they would be receiving a mail from us which they would have to edit (that piece of incomprehensible document was actually Ravi’s SOP!) and based on how well they did the job we would pick editors. We finally zeroed upon Shiva Aditya and Aditya Narayanan as designers to work under the despot Ravi.Chetan (after an unsuccessful attempt in his first year) was picked as editor.Ravi interfered in our editor placements and made an appointment of his own (who can question the topdog?)

So we now were a TEAM: Ravi, Kalpana, Siddarth, Triveni, Shiva Aditya, Aditya Narayanan, Chetan and Spurthi.

We went for our first (& last) campaigning in college. The hilarious events that unfolded are chronicled here. Campaigning Blues

Musings 2006 was a pretty long name so I shortened it to M’06 and the name struck. I added a rider “an ode to penmanship” which gave the whole thing a nice ring round it. M’06- an ode to penmanship.

Meanwhile the blog was getting a good response. My laptop was screwed and it would be sometime since I would get a new one. I had a tough time composing blog entries and posting them. I would first write a rough draft in my class notes then fair it on a white paper and then ask the junior who had a computer to lend me his computer for a few hours so that I could type it out. Then the next day as soon as college got over I would hitch a ride till Mehadipatnam; go to a cybercafé and post the entries. All the effort was worth it because soon the blog started getting a steady stream of visitors. I started writing daily as the ideas for writing never seemed to dry up.

But as it happens with an enthusiastic writer who indulges in too much writing; I developed a mental void and ideas suddenly seemed to dry up. No matter how much I wracked my brains the moment I put pen on paper nothing seemed to materialize. Kalpana suggested that I take a break from writing and focus my energies on something else. I had a vague idea that doing caricatures would be a good addition to the magazine. I tried my hand at sketching and came up with a few drafts which were well received. But my amateurish drawings needed much refinement and a professional had to step in.

Enter Vikhyat. Now Vikhyat came across a cool player. A reserved guy he preferred to let his work do the talking. He asked all of us for a picture so that he could caricaturize us.Now Sid (ME) is a guy who’s capable of pissing off even the most ice-headed guy. I gave Vikhyat a picture from my ninth grade. The person in the snap stared back at me like a stranger because he in no way resembled the current ME. Vikhyat got pissed off with my unprofessional attitude and threatened to boycott the caricatures when a bit of soft talking from Shiva calmed his agitated senses.

The events that occurred when we went around sticking posters (which were a pleading saga for contributions) are chronicled here. Mission Chipkao

Then we had our first night out.

The venue for the night out was Shiva’s two windowed room. Instead of starting work right away Ravi and Shiva decided to JAM (as in a jingle). Since I was the common man I had to be content with watching them and applauding them. After a few hours of soulful guitar strumming we were back to the task at hand. Now Ravi is this guy who can’t work in a noisy environment and Shiva’s place was like a mini disco with speaker blaring and all so he made a lame excuse and crashed off leaving us to do the remainder of the work.

Ravi Slept like a log [or a dog?](something he still doesn’t accept till now; only if we had a cam then…) while I and Shiva slogged it out creating 3 coverpages in one night. The effort was worth it…Ravi was shell shocked on seeing our designs… (I thought he felts pangs of jealousy) and instead of applauding the masterpieces told Shiva he needed to improve a lot.

Meanwhile things were happening in college. The ECE HOD was pissed off that no one from his elite branch had been selected for the mag editorial board. He felt this as an insult melted out to his branch. He fired off a salvo to the humanities department and to the butt sucking (of the cigarette dude!) princi. We were reprimanded for our sheer negligence and all our pleas for selection on ability and not on politics fell on deaf ears. So two new entrants (I-pod) Padma and (Canon) Shreya were appended to the board. We were now a ten member strong team. 5 girls and 4 guys (Ravi…guy…?) we could draw an analogy with team India and show a fine mixture of experience; maturity and brash youth. The sensible ECE HOD had done one good thing which was he din’t play any politics in sending two people from his branch and picked the right and deserving ones. We were a complete team now: HIT PARADE

Since Ravi had to simultaneously tackle his project as well, he couldn’t be on campus always (when was he in campus in the first place) so the burdensome task of reviewing the progress etc fell on me. There was a lot of friction between me and Chetan. I balled him he cribbed to Shiva. Shiva narrated to me. It was like we were up in arms against each other (another Sid vs. Ravi in the making?…nah dat can happen only between Ravi and Sid) but Chetan and me never openly opened up against each other. We collaborated as a team for the IMS- IQ quiz and we won! Professionalism zindabad.

Slowly as time progressed articles started seeping in. we had fun while deciding which ones to select. Some were good; some were bad; some were copies; some were illegible; some were not articles itself. The contributions to the art section were and we had a tough time boiling down to a few. Once we were done we had an awesome mix of contributions.

There is always an underlying funda behind the articles that ultimately make it to musings. Around 80 percent of the ‘good’ contributions are got through our network. 10 percent are written by us and the rest that make up the 10 percent are contributions gathered as a result of our relentless campaigning efforts. These 10 percent rarely make it in their original form because after editing nothing which resembles the article in its original form remains. So much for shouting our voices hoarse and scaling walls like Spiderman.

Musings’06 also brought me in touch with a few amazing individuals who still make me want to believe that the college has not entirely gone to the dogs. My only concern is that majority of them happen to be from EEE…mera branch kya hoga?

We had our second and final night out [sigh! wish we could have had more] at Ravi’s place hidden outside public glare in the city outskirts in a place called Anand Bagh or something like that (wher’s da garden dude?)

Now Ravi’s folks were out of town so we entirely owned the place. Ravi playing the lazy host din’t pick me and Shiva and told us to come down till Paradise so that he could join us from there. All went as planned…Shiva and I met near the Sulabh Complex (ya the peeing one) at MP and boarded the ever crowded RTC bus. Ravi met us at Idea labs (the place where he was paying to do his project) and then he did something I’ve never seen him do before… he hailed an auto !… I was flummoxed by his sudden show of affection for his fellow Musingers [made that up just now…sounds cool na] so we arrived at his place much before time and he took us out for dinner to a moonlit (power failure) hotel. I came to know for the first time that Ravi din’t eat non-veg and that Shiva hated non-veg. So after a leafy dinner sponsored by Ravi {OMG…is this really happening?} we all headed back to his den. Armed with Som’s cam we started snapping pictures like crazy. Now Ravi’s place was deserted like a haunted palace. The problem with locking up three restless guys in an empty hole is that they will make noise…loads of it. That’s what happened.

Ravi brought out his antique guitar; Shiva strained his vocal chords and Sid thumbed the record button of the Sony Handy cam and like the say… the rest is history.

Since I was the non-designer in the tripod… I always used to tease Ravi always showing him an image and telling him to create wonders out of it using photoshop.

Sid: Ravi this image must be altered
Ravi: How bey?
Sid: Photoshop Ravi

Sid: This image has so many possibilities in it
Ravi: and how do you suggest we go about it
Sid: Photoshop

Sid: I don’t like this image…photoshop it
Ravi: WTF

Sid: Photoshop
Shiva: Photoshop Ravi
Ravi: balls

Shiva (the prankster) and Sid (the ball-er) decided to piss of Ravi. So in as the night progressed… I cracked some silly joke… Ravi din’t smile… Shiva got the cue… he started laughing gradually building up the sound with each laugh… I said something like photoshop…Shiva broke into a uncontrollable fit of laughter… I said ‘balls’ and joined the fun…and started laughing… there was a ball on the floor and Ravi kicked at in frustration… It hit me…and that’s it… we howled with laughter… like souls possessed… I understood what ‘Rolling On The Floor With Laughter’ [ROTFL]meant. Tears were pouring out of our eyes; our sides were aching; we would have died if we laughed for much longer… Ravi got pissed as he did not understand why we were laughing… he checked to see if his fly was open… seeing him do this made us laugh even more… We opened the front door of his house and ran out on to the streets to stop our laughter. After much effort we calmed down as our bodies started aching. We were back to normal… the stupid look on Ravi’s face was worth the pain. We started serious magazine work. I still din’t understand what I was doing here because the other two were the designer guys and seemed to be discussing the finer aspects of photoshop namely blur and burst. I was roped in for my role of the common man: the man who has to give feedback for the designs of the masters. And I carried out my role obediently giving valuable inputs like : I don’t like the color; I don’t like the font; I don’t like girl in your neighborhood etc.

The other members of the team were also online Kalpana, Chetan, Padma and Shreya. We held discussions via yahoo messenger. Slowly Ravi and Shiva slipped into a slumber after designing the backpage. Kalpana stayed up all night long and edited the articles and would give me a missed call when she was sending over the edited ones. I have never seen so much commitment to a task as I saw from Kal that day. She was the pillar which saw musings through. The night out was a grand success and by the end of the night our progress was zilch. When have night outs achieved anything significant?

Ravi came up with a cover page design and said that it was the best he could do. But I was not satisfied and kept pushing him to do more. And the pressure worked. His creative juices concocted a wonderful cove page that brought out the essence of the mag.

After winding up the editing work we assembled in college for the photo session. We beamed and flashed million dollar smiles as we were captured by the in-house ace lens man (pun!) we had an informal photo which would accompany the caricatures. This photo session was more relaxed and cool. The wannabe HR guy in me took a employee expectancy survey from the team. I asked the members of the team on a scale of 10 to rate their contribution to the mag. The results were amazing and opened up my eyes to complexities of the human ego. As the last of in-college tasks got over we felt a wave of calm sweep over us as we now had very little to do.

We arrived at the printers place all pumped up to finish off with the remaining tasks. But due to some unforeseeable events back in college our work was put on hold. We headed to Vyjayanthi’s place to chill out. Another reason was also that Ravi was dying to meet Vyjayanthi (to see if she was for real or just a person who existed only in the cyber world) but the most pressing reason of all was that a dainty damsel Kal had hurt her leg by falling down as she was talking to the inner Kal. Her leg was hurt pretty bad and the pain was excruciating but she put up a brave front and quoted lance Armstrong (the cycle guy) and sat at the printers place the whole day going over text…editing it… writing her article…smiling…yada yada yada. At the end of the first days work we were half done and the second day would be the most crucial one as we would wind up the remainder of our work.

After the first day at the printers place Ravi and Me headed over to his place. We still had a few loose threads to tie up. Namely the page layout and the last word. After flipping through a few auto car magazines He came up with an awesome page layout. The last word was my burden. I was thinking but nothing seemed to strike me.

The night turned to day … Ravi was in the loo singing enter Sandman… I had an eureka moment… Ravi had written an entry on his blog titled ‘Musings of musings’ which spoke about his experiences for the past three years on the mag.So all we had to do was extend that article to include this year’s experience. It clicked and we had the last word ready.

By the time we left Ravi’s place…we were sick of each other… we had been in each others constant company for almost a week…we could give a perfect character sketch of each other…familiarity breeds contempt guys!

We had doubts about Kal being present on the second day at the printers place but for the brave thing that she is…she made it.

Ravi released my first ipod amidst much fanfare (with me and Shiva clapping). The topdog gets to do the release ceremony.

The time spent at the printers was an excellent demonstration of team work. Chetan, Shiva, Ravi, Kal, Abhishek and Me…all working on different aspects of the magazine… all of us equally tensed but still managing to smile. It was an experience to remember. And also it was the first time I shut my mouth and kept working like hell in order to meet the deadline.

Once the work was over, a wave of calm swept over us. We clapped as the first rough sample came out and dispersed with it to proof read. It was late into the night by the time we were about to leave. Kal left with her father. Me, Shiva and Ravi were left at the printers. Our only means of transport was Shiva’s Hayabusa err…Pulsar. Shiva the rider; Ravi the sandwich and me the pillion rider…the hamburger arrangement.As we waded our way through the city traffic Shiva told us that he had no license; no helmet; no RC book and to make matters worse we were going triples. As fate would have it we came across a police patrol. The devil inside Shiva took charge and he sped away on top gear with me and Ravi literally shaking. After a few skids and gear malfunctions we reached MP safely where I thanked my stars and got down while Ravi and Shiva headed to Shiva’s place for the proof reading.

The next day was Nirvana 2006.

Strings performed in our college and the event rocked. For the first time I saw Pretty Young Things on campus. The next day was the Musings release day. I came early to college even though the magazine release was in the evening.

After a dull eventless morning session, Ravi after solemnizing a same-sex marriage between Chetan and Shiva arrived in college with the treasure trove of M’06’s. the first sparsh of the matt finished cover gave me a high. I stood mesmerized as I began to flip the mag. I waited for this sense of accomplishment to sink in. M’06 was for real and I had a mag which I always wanted (thick, content and design) the magazine was released with much fanfare as mentioned in the start of this post. After it was officially released we frantically signed the other members’ copies and posed for a group photo for one last time. And we were done.

Every day since the release of musings’06 released I have flipped through the copy of the mag to relive the most memorable thing in my four years of college life.


I’m grateful to Ravi for introducing me to Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’. This song has been my sole comfort whenever I felt my life was going to the dogs. For giving me Atlas Shrugged: a book that had a telling impact on my ideas and ideals. Ravi also taught me to appreciate the finer aspects of design and how to say ‘balls’ to the management. For being the pillar of support for one and all… the only thing I din’t like was his flirting with anything that resembled a female!

To Shiva for showing how to be a Rebel and not giving a damn about anything or anyone else as long as the purpose was good and the heart was clear. He showed me that it was possible to smile even when everything around you is screwed up and that no matter how tough a person appears on the outside he can been soft on the inside.

If M’06 had a telling effect on someone, it was Shiva. Shiva by the end of M’06 had got a complete personality overhaul. He was no longer the underdog. He had risen to challenge his oppressors and retort: underdog…who?He’s the true star of musings.

And a combined thanks to Ravi and Shiva for making the tripod a success. It’s everyone’s dream to have a tripod in college life. And ours was the most unusual one with a final year (Ravi) a third year (Sid) and a second year (Shiva). We had loads of fun and masti balling and getting balled.

A salute of respect to Kalpana who with her unflinching belief in our crazy ideas struck with us through thick and thin. She is the foundation on which the edifice of M’06 stands. For going through the seamless articles with a smile and correcting them without breaking into a sweat. In spite of many problems never saying No to musings work. For her valuable insights and words of comfort. Thanks for everything.

If Ravi and Shiva did the designing and Kal the editing…what did I do? I did the thinking …he he he…Lol

A special thanks to:

Adi for the contributions from his network and introducing us to Vikhyat. And in spite of his busy Nirvana commitments dedicating quality time for the mag work. And having ‘balls’ to confess that he couldn’t give as much to the mag as he could have given.

Triveni and Abhishek who brought a new lease of life to the Telugu department.

Vikhyat for taking crap from me but still doing the awesome caricatures which eventually turned out to be the only thing that got noticed in the mag.

Padma and Shreya for their rock solid dedication and providing many light moments during the burdensome editing task (Padma thanks for your ipod and Shreya for your Canon cam)

Chetan and Spurthi for pointing out my shortcomings and teaching me how to handle sensitive people and inflammable ego’s. for bringing out the mean streak in me.

“You do it over and over

From the smallest picture to the main cover

Be it an article, a poem, an experience, an encounter

You write everything with jest, verve and vigor

When it nears completion

You wished time moved slower

Until one day it’s over

But you never really get over the hangover.”

-Balls and Calls; Cheers and Beers; Lapaki’s and Tupaki’s

7 thoughts on “The M’06 Mega Odyssey

  1. >@ RaviKickass??? Yours??? LOL!!@Sid:Dude, right now, my thoughts are clouded by the mist of M’06 and I am too damn nostalgic to comment…will keep reading and commenting… 🙂 :)P.S: It did have a telling effect on me… I agree…

  2. >Hey Sid !! Was a pleasure working with the whole team man. I’m truly honoured to have been associated with Musings 06. Cheers. Awaiting M 07

  3. >Too good.You did the thinking and others did the doing? Lol.Reminds me of the Freshers and Final Year parties we organized in our college. Back then, we did not know much about notepad, forget about Internet, blogs and so on. Memories are now lost, sadly.Your memories are pretty good, for something that is 1 year late!!!

  4. >I do not know why I did, but I just googled for "Musings MGIT". And I came across this same page in your WordPress blog. I have a lot of work now, still I read it all in one go, from the first word to the last. It was an unbelievable experience. Thanks a lot for bringing it all back dude! Never knew that the Musings team and Tripod would happen just once in a life. Otherwise I would have relished every moment in our Musings history even better than how I actually did… Cheers to all!

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