on luck

I wanted my first blog entry from the US to be about something else [the vi-desi experience] but of late I’ve been deeply pondering about things like “luck, fate, destiny”

Everyone has this realization at sometime or the other… I had mine today…

I realized that how lucky I was to have the the family I have… my loving friends… my good health… the ability to spend… the exposure to things ….

This chain of thought was triggered when I saw this physically handicapped guy asking for alms.. he was so young and handsome but was handicapped… scenes like these trigger off a chemicals ka lafada in my mind and I tend to ponder a lot…

It breaks my heart to see some one cry or suffer… It’s always been my understanding of the way in which GOD operates is ” when HE gives you big problems, HE also gives you the means to find solution for that problem”

I feel NY is a city without a soul… it’s so easy to loose oneself in this swirling populace of immigrants..no one here gives a damn fck about the other… What matters is your network or whom you know..

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