How much do we know ?

we may spend our entire lifetime with a person…. but how much about them do we really know ?

we can only understand specific traits which a person wishes to reveal…the unknown/hidden characteristics are what add enigma to the persona. Any relationship is a journey of constant understanding. There will be ups and downs….There will be dark clouds and thunder storms…. but only the strongest of relationships can stand the test of time.

Osho said : ” every person has a circle of influence which is centered at the soul. When we meet and interact with a stranger an intersection of the circles occur. If we further want to converse/interact with the person the circles move deeper into each other until both the centers are joined. This is when a relationship reaches its pinnacle.”

I’ve never been in love… but I’ve seen people who are/ have been in love…. love they say does strange things to a person…

But what when love breaks ? whom does it hurt the most ? The boy ? The girl ? The girl’s brother ?

They say the pain inflicted by a heart break is more severe than any physical ailment…The image of Devdas with a big stubble…a shawl wrapped around his torso… bottle in hand… dog by side is fixated in our minds.

I’ve have friends who have had break ups and man! it hurts big time! there are tears/ shredding of gifts/ deleting of scraps~ sms’s.

And finally there is this wonderful tag line ‘ move on with life !’

when a relationship breaks whose mistake is it ? first of all why does a relationship break ?
you don’t find each other as exciting as before? / distance factor ? / new character entry ? / domestic problems/ quarrels ? ….

One of my friend wisely said .. ” sid I don’t understand why people venture out into the realm of relationships when they know there is going to be pain and suffering at the end of the tunnel ? “

I din’t have an answer to her question then..but I think i have one now…

“Man by nature is lonely..he always seeks company… koi bhi relationship perfect nahi hota hai…use perfect banana padtha hai..”

True love can face anything : distances/ distraught families/ bollywood n tollywood style villans

for a few being in love is like a status symbol so that they can have those naughty giggles… and stylishly quote ‘ we are just good friends’…. It’s just bullshit.

“True love is like a psychic experience. Everyone tells ghost stories, but few have ever seen a ghost”

Love can happen only once….the ‘pehla pyar’ is always the ‘akhiri pyar’..once we are so deeply into a person we can never retrieve our hearts from that abyss and have the same feelings for someone else…impossible… when you are out of a relationship a part of your existence is taken away from you for ever…

Few relationships look promising and beautiful at the start but succumb to the pressures of everyday existence…after all life’s a bitch right.

love at first sight happens…but not for all…for many love is a gradual process of understanding the other person…like what osho said…

love and friendship….the debate continues…. is friendship a pre-requisite for love ? can a friendship turn into love ? will a great friendship sour because of love ? Ask Rahul and Anjali

Love is confounding.

“Love is a canvas pattern furnished by Nature, and embroidered by imagination.”

P.S. : I know this post is not complete or uni directional… i felt i had to do a catharsis of all that i had seen and experienced in these past few months of my stay in the united states of A.

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  1. hmmm an interesting blog..quite true in content..though i would rather hope that people rise in love rather than “fall” in love!! cliche as it may sound i am an eternal optimist 😛

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