A tale of two cars

I’m a big fan of Ravi Teja but his latest film “Krishna” was a complete let down for me.
Ravi has this image of an ‘angry still-young man’ and his movies are always scripted in a way as to capture this very essence of his persona. The action sequences in the movie defy all logic and sense. Looks like the Telugu action movies these days instead of looking up to their Bollywod counterparts are trying to match up to the standards set by the legendary Tollywood action man who could control trains and chairs at his beck and call.

And what’s with the Scorpio’s these days …when i last left India it was still a SUV…Shivaji did an image uplift for the scorpio as a demolition derby monster truck …krishna takes the macho ability of the Scorpio to an altogether new level…drifting in a Scorpio was never so cool….

The Scorpio is the real hero of the movie…move over Sumo…the Scorpio is here.

On a second note…it’s an interesting case study of how important automobiles are in our Telugu movies..

Dry arid lands…hero running in WHITE SUMO..villains chasing hero in WHITE sumo’s with all katthi and kattarlu drawn out and a gentle shower of hand made crude bombs…hero out runs the chasing party…hero causes accident of a few sumo’s with his F-1 driving skills…hero stops his Sumo after majority of chasing party is overturned or gone off track…three Sumo’s are left and those are the one’s with the main villain..hero opens door of his Sumo with thud…camera focuses on hero shoes (these are generally of caterpillar brand if serious action type hero ..if hero is portraying youth action star it’s generally Nike )….sidekicks get kicks from hero…main villain remains..hero kicks his ass too… hero has the last laugh..heroine come and hugs hero..and they lived happily ever after.

In current day Telugu Faction/Action movies

Dry arid lands…hero driving in top gear in BLAZING RED SCORPIO…villains chasing hero in black Scorpios with pistols drawn out…they shoot at the hero’s vehicle..it misses because the hero steers the vehicle cleverly to miss every single bullet..oh I forgot…Her is wearing Ray-Ban Aviators to make him look cool under a high pressure situation…the hero has played a lot of Need For Speed on his computer..so while the villains are chasing him he does the drag,drift,turbo,nitro,url,street x,out run and all things NFS…after a majority of enemies arew wiped out he stops car…gets out…camera focus on unscratched fender of Scorpio…hero comes face to face with villain…mouths a few powerful zilla specific dialogs (depending on which zilla gives maximum collection)..In Krishna’s case Bejawada aka Vijayawada…Hero kicks ass…heroine hugs hero…the end..

Coming back to Krishna (man! the hangover is too much…next time i’ll not blog straight after watching a movie) there is this climax scene where in we have all the villains/goons on one side and the hero alone on the other…i sense a scintillating climax on par with a
Ballaya movie but disappointment again..hero makes a funny gesture with his hands and face and sticks out his tongue …and viola a fleet of Sumo’s appear out of no where and stand face to face with the Scorpio’s as if to say…I may be old and out of fashion but I can still kick some ass.
I was reminded of the scene from Ramanand Sagar’s Mahabharata when the kaurava and Pandava forces are facing each other…so much for the power of imagination and instant teleportation…Shockered!

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  1. Cant say much abt a film frm a guy, u adore and I hate to the core! and factionism, tollywood and the lead star antics… I better keep my mouth shut… anywayz, happy happy blogging to you and congrats on 10k hits 🙂

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