Is this happening ?


Orkut has added apps to its long list of growing features… I wonder why no one is asking how similar these apps  are compared to the ones on Facebook…. I see a Intellectual Property Rights violation court case on the horizon…

Or Google could do the wise thing by just reaching out into its coffers and buy out facebook and be a monopoly…like the youtube way.

And Google has an awesome track record or Mergers and Acquisitions. The complete list is here. Generally once the asset has been acquired it is merged with a corresponding Google service which is clever because it gives the existing Google application an added functionality; unlike Yahoo which acquired Flickr and discontinued it’s yahoo photos service. Bottom line for  any  M & A is profitability and added value combined with a greater market share or presence.

One thought on “Is this happening ?

  1. yes!! Orkut is copying ideas from Facebook.. what a shame… within it’s own confines, Orkut has added applications.. think of this.. Orkut buys Facebook, and makes it Facekut.. God! Hail to all Orkut n facebook users!

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