In Your Face

So it was one of those calm afternoons which I had to myself, sitting at the corner most table at the Mexican Taco Place (this seat by the window has the best view of  Fulton mall) munching away my burrito and swaying to kudha jaane.

And it is always in zen moments like these that I tend to get disturbed by external forces. So on cue, here comes an oriental gent and who avoids all the empty tables in the Taco Place plants himself beside me. And for extra serving of nuisance, we had a guy coming in and showing us his questionable ID saying he worked for a children’s organization and was collecting funds. To me he appeared very high, so my philanthropy vein remained un-tugged.

The oriental on the other hand got verbally aggressive after the panhandler left. He started cribbing on how in today’s age it was not possible to trust anyone. I didn’t pay any heed to his rants and continued munching my food.

Suddenly he focuses all his attention on me and asks, “Are you pakistani ?”

A neat frown begins to appear on my face on noticing this,”oh..ok ok..Srilankan?” My frown deepens..”Oh I get it. You are Indian right?” I nod. He takes my nod to be a consent for the for his chat to continue, “India and Pakistan no good?” before i could reply..”Always fighting for a piece of land. Man you guys need to get a life.”

In any conversation involving me, I  generally like to be the guy doing all the talking. The oriental seemed to enjoy my evident discomfort at the thorny grenade of a issue he lobbed at me casually. Instead of telling him to shut the fuck up I ask,”Where you from brother? china/Japan/Taiwan/Burma/Indonesia/Korea? Sorry because I can never tell.”

“I’m from China.”

“china ? well..well..china has an amazing record when it comes to violating human rights. The vast majority of pirated products come from China. Is that ray-ban you are wearing real? China is a world leader in pollution. Do you guys ever check your carbon footprint. You’ve have/had disputes with India, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Japan. Now tell me who needs to stop quarreling get a life ?”

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