Coming of age.

As the countdown to my 23rd birthday begins I can’t help but ponder on the one year that has just whizzed by. I landed in a completely alien country with no relatives or acquaintances, leaving behind 21 years of my life in a land  half way around the world.

The one year that has gone by was good.happy.sad.remarkable.

Good. first hand experience of  what real freedom feels like. New place. New palz. New conditions. New challenges. Awesome weather. Times square.

Happy. A rocking birthday. Different job profiles. Made friends. Blew money. Got stoned. Dreamt the american dream. Fell in love. 4.0 gpa.

Sad. Many walked out; few/none walked in. Put on fab. Lost grades. Lost focus. Chickened out. Freaked out. Got depressed. Madness. Directionless. Sleeplessness. Double standards. Body of lies. Got  fired. Bankrupt. Rivals.

Remarkable. All the experiences have made me a better man;  An excellent judge of people and situations; A motivator; A humanist. I came closer to  GOD.

“Andy Dufresne who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side” – The Shawshank Redemption

Often when we dream of greatness, the beauty of the vision clouds the many thorns and boulders that cover the path to that dream. But this should not discourage us from thinking big. I believe it is a sin to think small. The creator has endowed all of us with the ability to achieve our dreams and aspirations.The only limits in life are the ones we set for ourselves.

The world always asks for  a qualification before you can make your point.  I ask myself as to who the hell I am to tell others to think big when I myself have not succeeded or achieved anything of note in life so far.

Priyanka Chopra says this line in the movie fashion : ” success ke bare mein wahi logh kyon baat karthe hain jinhone kudh apne life mein kabhi success nahi dekha.”

Yes ! it is easy to speak from the sidelines rather than to jump into the eye of the storm.  So this approach 😉

Your time may not be Now. But if you maintain your integrity and like a duck which though calm on the surface keeps paddling furiously below to stay afloat.

Integrity is your moral fiber. as you move through a world full of obstacles  you’ll have to build some bridges and burn some bridges. Never sell out or settle on a lesser goal.

Tappu chesavu ani feelu kaaku ra.

Chance vunte tappu malli chesi chuda ra.

Chesina aa tappu ee malli cheyyamaku.