If you are a regular follower of heroes you may know by now that the main problem with Sylar is that he cannot control his hunger to kill. He kills some for their powers and some for chumma time pass.

Biological meaning of hunger apart ; what is hunger ? Is it just metabolical or emotional too ?

The hunger for marks. The geeks will identify with this. The Hunger for self pleasure. The hedonists will identify with this. The hunger for comments. I definitely identify with this 😀

So as we advance in age and climb the staircase to heaven-hell (for the believer)/end of existence (for the atheist) our levels of hunger keep changing. And in order to satiate we must feed on people more than often. So don’t feel bad if you think you hurt somebody by using them; it’s all a part of the hunger ploy. Feed –> grow-> move ahead –> feed again. It’s a vicious line.

“There is a spiritual hunger in the world today – and it cannot be satisfied by better cars on longer credit terms”

Just a word of caution : feed on people emotionally and not physically. This blog doesn’t support/endorse cannibalism. And drinking blood is a big NO, No.

bon appétit.

P.S.  Thanks to sasi’s gtalk status message which inspired this post. He says “ The only present and omnipresent is Hunger”

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