Gulti Rocks… I need not elaborate on what or who a gulti is. If you don’t know check this link out.

Ok. It so happened that I uploaded a ROTFL pic on Orkut. And the pic was seriously LMAO types. All the Telugu guys in my friends list had a whale of a time commenting and back tracking.

The poor gujju, hindi, tamil, kannada friends had a tough time understanding and envious/jealous bcuz they were unable to partake in the fun.

“ agar hindi likho to hum bhi enjoy kare… yaar…”

“can u all pls talk in hindi so even i can understand what is the conversation abt….”

“dei enaku ennum understand nahi ho raha”

“damnit ! u guys are having fun and i can’t follow a word of it !”


ringola. ringola. ringola.hoi.hoi

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