Mumbai is Burning…


As I am typing this post it has been a many hours since the indiscriminate firings/hostage crisis and the bomb blasts have rocked the financial capital of India.

Vengeance and anger are the two only thoughts on my mind. How much can a city/country take before it’s moral fiber rips apart.  Who are these young faceless agents of terror ? What do they gain by killing innocent lives ? If they have the real balls why not settle it out with the Indian armed forces ? And be sure you rouge nation mofo’s your nuts are gonna be blown to bits.
Mumbai. Bomb blasts in buildings, hotels, trains. How can a common man feel safe in an environment where in he’s not sure if he’s gonna be alive to see the next day. And terror waves like the current one make us realize that dark and difficult times are here. We have to unite as a society. One for all. All for one.
And the attack on the Taj; the terrorists hit on the WTC of Mumbai.
when I live and when I die are in the hands of the Creator. Not a terrorist yielding an automatic. The repercussions of this terrorist attack are going to be huge. The soul of the country has been stamped upon. No more peace talks. No more hand shakings. A hardliner approach is the need of the hour.  Just smoke out the rest of the bastards and kill ‘em all.
My prayers go out to all those people who lost lives in the wave of terror. And thanks to the police, the army without whose timely arrival the situation has been brought under control to a degree.    I know that merely stating my condolences can never make up for the loss the people of Mumbai have experienced. It is personal for you.
And all political parties out there don’t use this as  an opportunity to hit out at the government. Be mindful the people are angry and weary of you trying to sling mud on each other.  It is time you did something more useful than gaining mileage in print and reel.

p.s. : when terror attacks like this take place methinks movies like ‘a Wednesday’ have a heavy probability of occurring in real life.