gmail ninja

So it was one of those mundane friday morning shifts on the job calvin_treewith me yapping away happily on gtalk when the gori memsahib boss creeps up behind me and says “ oh Sidd !”

I’ve  already  closed the chat window by the time she has finished saying the second d in Sidd.

Quiveringly I look at her half anticipating the slew of abuses to be heaped for chatting on the work.

But instead I hear “ oh ! you too have the ninja theme on. It is so cute. All those little ninja’s peeping at you.I put that theme for my husband and he din’t like it and got distraught at me. So I had to change it back to the tea house one which was more placid and subtle.”

I’ve always sucked at smalltalk  (not the programming language smalltalk but the other smalltalk : a light informal conversation for social occasions). This time too I had no pearls of wisdom to drop, onto my eager audience. So I just grinned. Mischief managed 😀

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