So I was at my first night shift (9 pm – 9am ) of the Fall’08 semester  in the library. Was Lol-ing and Rotfl-ing watching Southpark. Suddenly the phone goes off around 2 am. I pick up the call and utter the usual  “ Hello dibner library; how may I assist you today ?”

The caller on the other end utters a gruff faintly familiar  “ good morning how are you ?” [goodmorning…?? well it’s technically ok !]

bart phone call

I reply back  “fine.”  Next he says “ I am going to ask you a bunch of questions and I wan them to be answered immediately.” ‘that’s strange’ I think. Anyways I play along  thinking maybe it’s a student with some queries about library timings/ online renewal etc the usual librarian-confused student talk. So the caller proceeds    “ Who’s your daddy and what does he do ?” I am like  “ wtf !” Suddenly some obscure video I saw on Youtube flashed before me. So this was it an Arnold Schwarzenegger internet soundboard call. I played along for sometime. Then abruptly I said “nice try Asshole; but I already saw the video on youtube.” The line went dead. Guess it was one of the college students who knew about the 24*7 timings of the library and decided to play a prank on the poor worked out librarian. Some librarians are clever and well informed 😀 as cartman would say “na na na na na na na….I saw through your stupid trieek 😛 😛 :P”

The video 😀

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  1. Good that already had a look at the prank call. Else imagine Sid facing this call…..hahahahahahha….you’d’ve thought that he was the Gundu saale…imagine what it would have been….

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