Sleepless in New York

Out of the oasis that was F1 and college, my current life on OPT has taken a rather nomadic turn. Every few weeks I find myself shuffling between residences of gracious juniors who’ve let me crash as I figure out my next steps. The feeling of being in a movie plot where I am a valuable resource for the USKISS which keeps moving me from safehouse to safehouse, is very real.

In this latest accommodation, I secure a sleeping spot by the window. The street lamp  on the other-side of the road beams its powerful light right onto my Indian railways approved air pillow making it impossible for me to sleep. The fragrance of dhokla from dinner hovers over me. The denizens of this apartment don’t believe in blinds, looks like. But again that’s how all Ozone Park desi accommodations have always been. After much fidgeting around and futile light blocking attempts with the (short) comforter, I give up.

A good night’s sleep is out of question. So I sit up to fire up the word processor to type out an another rant. Also checking emails to see if any new job leads have arrived. Also orkut.

This is my last night in NYC.

Tomorrow it will be a new state. A new city. A whole new environment with unfamiliar faces. Change they say is essential for life. But am I ready to embrace this change?  My never ending education has taught me, to not experiment with the unknown. It was always drilled into me to stick to convention. So exploring the new and the unknown is something I’m not accustomed to or look forward to. Also confession : In my time in America (so far) I haven’t lived anywhere outside the borough of Queens, New York.

But life (OPT) comes at you fast and sometimes you gotta run before you can walk. The past one and half year in the US of A has been a great learning experience on the intellectual and personal level. Now it’s time for  professional growth. Yes there is fresh news everyday quoting the latest number of people laid off, houses being abandoned, economy spiraling down, the greatest financial crisis in a long time etc. and the hiring scene for fresh out of college grads requiring eventual employment sponsorship  is non-existent. But there is this gut feeling of an ability to survive the storm. How??…I don’t know.

As I smash another bed bug between the palms of my hand, the moon is slowly slipping into oblivion,making way for the sun who’ll usher in a new glorious day.

If you have ever  lived in New York, you’ll end up loving it. Guaranteed. – AAA rating. This love will last a lifetime. Unlike other loves.

Off to take the greyhound from Port Authority.



Kristiina Piperal - New York New York

3 thoughts on “Sleepless in New York”

  1. ask me how it is like….and all you mentioned are gone missing….no subway trains….no MTA buses…no yellow cabs….the fire alarms don’t honk frequently here…and moreover I don’t here these famous words anymore “This is a Manhattan/Lefferts/Rockaway bound A express train….Stand clear of the closing doors”….unknowingly these kept us moving all the day….I Love NY….I miss NY….

  2. Well yeah Sid…This was what going thro’ my mind when I was leaving the school when graduated….why we’ve been brought up and forced to do everything so conventionally…I neither looked up for change nor accepted it when it came…anyways Good Luck for ur career….

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