Sleepless in New York

So as I sit by the window watching the street lamp beam a powerful streak of light straight onto my pillow making it impossible for me to sleep; and this place doesn’t have window blinds too. After much fidgeting around making futile attempts with the comforter to block out the light I give up. A comfortable nap  is out of question. So I sit up and fire up the word processor to type out an another rant. This is my last night in NYC. Tomorrow it will be a new state; a new city; and a whole new environs with all unfamiliar faces. Change they say is essential for life. But am I ready to embrace change ?  Everything that has gone into my education for the past 21 years has never told/taught  me to experiment with the unknown. I was always told to stick to convention. Education/Dressing/Food/Career. So exploring the new and the unknown is something I’m not accustomed to. But life comes at you fast and sometimes you gotta run even before you can walk. The past one and half year in the US of A has been a great learning experience on the intellectual and personal level. Now it’s time for the professional level. Yes there are fresh news bulletins everyday quoting jobs lost and the economy is bad and the hiring scenario for fresher’s worse. But there is this deep rooted gut feeling of an inherent and innate ability to swim across the storm. As I smash another bed bug between my palms of my hand the moon is slowly slipping into oblivion making way for the sun to usher in a whole new glorious day. 

If you have lived in New York, you end up loving it; and this love will last a lifetime.      


3 thoughts on “Sleepless in New York

  1. ask me how it is like….and all you mentioned are gone missing….no subway trains….no MTA buses…no yellow cabs….the fire alarms don’t honk frequently here…and moreover I don’t here these famous words anymore “This is a Manhattan/Lefferts/Rockaway bound A express train….Stand clear of the closing doors”….unknowingly these kept us moving all the day….I Love NY….I miss NY….

  2. Well yeah Sid…This was what going thro’ my mind when I was leaving the school when graduated….why we’ve been brought up and forced to do everything so conventionally…I neither looked up for change nor accepted it when it came…anyways Good Luck for ur career….

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