The R – word

The R –word is thrown around so much these days that it’s creating a new fad of sorts.

Let me explain this in Q & A format. The Questions were asked to different respondents and their answers are summed up here.

Q :  Why watching so many movies online ? How about watching Ghajini on the big screen ?

A : Recession man. Online print is better.

Q : Wat !!! you din’t do your laundry since three weeks ?

A : Recession man. Din’t shower since three days also.

Q : Why eating so less ?

A.To avoid putting on Recession pounds man.

Q why this sudden gorging on buffets ?

A.Recession man. Eat all you can.

Q. Why spend so many hours perfecting that score on crazy taxi ?

A. Recession man.

Q Why printing out resumes like the world is going to get rid of all the printers soon ?

A. Recession man. Jobs are not there. But you must be ready with resumes anyways.

Q. Why filling up your hard disk with so many movies which you will hardly watch ?

A. Recession man. What If internet is disconnected ?

Q. What ? you din’t buy a metro card for the past two months ?

A. Recession man. Using it on a time sharing basis. One card per room.

Q what ? you dumped your boy friend / girl friend ?

A. Recession man. cost cutting.

Q. Why did your grades  drop from last semester  ?

A. Recession man. Professor is preserving marks for future use.

Q. You dint do your assignment ?

A. Recession man. Saving the precious resource called time.

Q. Why sleeping for long hours ?

A. Recession man. Hoping that this is one bad dream and will end when I wake up in a few years.

Q. why did sajid khan and farah khan rub Ashutosh Gowariker on the wrong side ? (link)

A. Recession  man. They have to be in the anchoring business to make that extra buck to produce those grossly un-humorous films of theirs.

Q. Why this shift from starbucks to shitty deli store coffee ?

A. Recession man. Deli store coffee ain’t that bad.

Q. Why downgraded to corona light from corona extra ?

A. Reverting back to extra man. Recession or no recession corona zindabad.

Q. what’s you favorite recession movie ?

A. Fun with Dick and Jane.

Q. Why only one pack of cigarettes per day ?

A. Recession man; Others stealing  my smoke sticks.

Q . Why no shave for past three weeks ?

A . This is my rough look re. Recession man.

Q. why is the photos/ scraps count on orkut going down ?

A. Recession man. Not wasting bandwidth uploading and replying.

Q. Why posing for so many photos ?

A. To remember this recession period, man.

Q. What ? you were able to fit all your material possessions into three suitcases while leaving NYC ?

A. Recession man. Got rid off a lot of steel utensils. less luggage makes it easy to relocate.

Q. Why applying for more credit cards with greater credit lines ?

A. Recession man.Doing my bit for the economy trying to encourage a spending stimulus.  The American way of life is all about spending without restrain on goods we don’t need in the first place.

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But
the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.  – Mother Teresa

Q. Why so many questions ?

A. Recession man. On the bench. Got nothing better to do 😛

p.s. finished listening to masakali from DELHI-6 for the thousandth time. Never wears out. [;)]

New York Times exclusive page on layoffs.


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