Dying of the light


A few minutes past midnight Santosh  a student of Electrical Engineering at SJSU breathed his last after battling for the past two days on the ventilator for survival. I don’t know him personally. He was a friend of a friend of mine.  My friend also told me that he was an awesome painter. I pray that his soul may rest in peace and he has an happy after life. I pray for his parents and his dear friends so that they may have the strength to  cope up with the loss.

[If you are a student in the USA and don’t have a medical insurance please take one immediately.  Special thanks to Bay Area Telugu Association for their efforts to help Santosh. It is organizations like these that make you feel at home far away from our motherland]

I lost a friend in my third year of engineering. Shouri was an year junior to me. I always remember how he used to come up to me in the hostel mess and greet me “ hi anna ee roju enti visheshalu ?”  he was right before my eyes all throughout 3-1. We played gulli cricket and chatted a lot. When we left for the holidays and came back after a month I came to know that he was never coming back again. A fatal accident had claimed him. I had clicked so many pictures of him smiling in the hostel and during the cricket matches. I Incidentally took his last picture in the hostel in which he beamed a wide smile (you can see it as the display pic of a tribute community dedicated to him.) Miss you Shouri.

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. Don’t take people in your life for granted because once they are gone nothing’s  gonna bring them back again. All the love in your heart, all the words you wanted to tell them will remain unexpressed. Carpe Diem -Seize the day. Make the most of today. Zindagi na milegi fir doobara. So go ahead hug , kiss, spread the cheer and celebrate life.

One love. peace. V

3 thoughts on “Dying of the light

  1. My Deep Condolences to your friend. May his soul end in peace.Personally, I know how it feels when you lost your dear ones.One of my Best friends passed away recently and I still cann’t come out of it. I miss him alot.

  2. I am so sorry… My healtfelt condolenses to him… May his soul rest in peace.. hope his family gets the strength to survive this misfortune.

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