Slept for hardly eight hours in total for the past three days (and counting) Sleep seems to be the next elusive thing after a job. The reason for the sleeplessness is unknown. I just lay on the floor and the eyes refuse to shut.

Tried all the remedies : books(the first alternative :P) ;  soft instrumental music ; long boring movies (black);  TV9 ; complan milk ; dabur chyavanaprash; killing bed bugs ; counting stars ; self lullaby; Tetris ; EA sports cricket; flash games; none of the remedies worked/ are working.

I don’t want to try sleeping pills. So if you have any suggestions on how to overcome this sleeplessness please do post it in the comments section. Now it is back to Saawariya, sigh !


4 thoughts on “Sleeplessness…

  1. I seem to suggest one thing and that is up there in the list which haven’t worked…try Jab We Met…too boring movies may damn your spirits…something interesting and that will pull you outta it…I feel Kareena can make you sleep 😛

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