All is happy in imaginationland

Got a pressing issue on mind that’s crushing you or knocking the living daylights out of you consider a visit to imagination land. Imagination land : where everything is perfect and all is happy. No sorrow or dirty politics ; no tears or heart aches ; no reality only imagination. When we are young we have this habit of making up imaginary friends to play with to make up for real ones. Why not have one when we are grown up ? All you need is an active imagination to draw up characters and settings and presto you have your very own imaginationland. Enid Blyton did it; JK Rowling did it ; Tolkien did it , so can you. The methods to reach imaginationland are up to you. Some prefer weed ; some prefer alcohol and some like me prefer to sing the imaginationland song.        

For reference watch

Imaginationland  (Southpark season 11 episode 10)

Lisa the Drama Queenimagination

One thought on “All is happy in imaginationland

  1. Imagination Land… sounds pretty good. but what when one come out of it. coz none can live there for ever.. every one will have to get up and walk the rough path. so rather than wasting time in imagination land which is all an illusion, i want to walk and talk and learn from my mistakes. get to c only the real now.

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