uncle sam Shhh
Another uneventful day passes by as I lay down on the rug and close my eyes. My head’s doing a balancing act on the unevenly inflated air pillow. I’m thinking a million thoughts.
Sleep refuses to set in.
Bullying tactics on the eyelids fail. They refuse to be beaten down and pop open, like the air filled punching toys I used to play with as a kid. No matter how hard I’d hit them, they used to bounce right back up.
The eyes resist foreclosure and scan the false white ceiling.
The room is dark. The only light is from the LED lamps on the neighbor’s laptop.

The white ceiling is a celluloid screen playing my life movie: past – over, present – uncertain, future – unknown.  I become aware of the eerie silence in the room. There is an awful lot of quiet around me. The silence is maddening. Recession induced over-thinking perhaps.

I strain my ears to try and pick up some sounds.

faintly…the ticking of a table clock far away…farts and snores of the neighbors… scampering of the house mouse on the kitchen floorboards pillaging leftovers. Rustling leaves outside the window. The chemical reaction of bile and other digestive juices acting on the tiger rice dinner in the stomach…the foot stomping from the apartment up stairs as one of them (I’m guessing it is the heavy one) rushes to take a leak. The sound of the tank being flushed…the sound of sewage running in the overhead pipes.
Laptop fan running at full speed. The shzz sound made by yahoo messenger when someone logs-in (which I guess is still running on the not shutdown laptop.) The dripping  tap in the adjoining bathroom. Neighbors scratching bedbug attacked parts of the skin. Voluntary hand and leg jerking movements under the covers. Creaking of the door. The rhythmic beating of my heart. Loud screeching noise made by a passing car. Periodic oscillations of  the portable heater.
Then the sudden sleep talking of the neighbor scared me sufficiently, that I fell asleep asap.
p.s. finished Shantaram after a 12 hour reading marathon. Delightful and gripping.
p.p.s this blog has entered the third year of it’s existence 😉

2 thoughts on “Shhh…”

  1. I remember each and every sound and did experience them recently when I was in NY. The only light in the room was a small ray that came from your room and all the other sounds were also clear. Bandi, Summi and Pradeep tramping/trudging along and aah that sewage sound from the overhead pipes almost woke me up too. The silent sounds are from the stupes in your room. I am sure about that.Nice post and enjoyed it thoroughly especially because I’ve been through this recently.

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