2 saal baad…

old sms forward ‘live life like a candle, which burns itself but gives light 2 others’

sidd says’ live life like a cigarette, burn and get cancer and give others second hand smoke related cancer’. Ok that was a little off topic.

so where were we… Aug 18, 2007  Newark International airport (man i need to stop watching repeated re-runs of How I Met Your Mother) A journey began, a journey called  the desi ameican dream; of bmw’s, babes, condos and beds made of green money. Wait haven’t I already blogged about it somewhere ?  Ok. So at this two year juncture as I’m short of words due to the deepening recession, I quote SRK from OSO ‘picture abi baaki hai mere dosth’

Happy Birthday Andy.


taraliraada tane vasantam tana dariki raani vanaala kosam.

p.s. with all that airport mein lafada nice publicity for ‘my name is Khan’.

boarding pass

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