smoke and soul

Just finished reading Dan Brown’s : The Lost Symbol. A very engrossing and entertaining book. In this book Dan Brown touches upon realms of spirituality; a radical departure from his previous works.

If the soul resides in the human body and departs as we die, reminds me of an uncanny parallel to cigarettes. Consider a cigarette as a human body. As it burns, it lets out fumes of smoke. Once all the tobacco and paper has burnt away all we are left with is a butt and ash. The soul resides within the human body as it constantly transforms due to the rigors of existence, once the mortal life has ceased to exist the soul departs the body to either make a transition to heaven/or mix freely in the air/or re-enter another object (the spooky theory) bones are all what’s left after the flesh has burnt/rotted away.

cigarette : human body, butt : bones, smoke : soul.