Last Man Standing

He stood watching as the angry mob with flaming torches made its way towards him. He stood high above the barren plain and could see them coming from all sides. He was not perturbed. A breeze ruffled  his hair. He was reminded of a time when she used to fondle his tresses with such playful mirth that he never told her to stop even though it irritated him. It felt like a life time ago. Her smile, her talk, her walk and everything about her was so cute he mused and then there was the incident.

Over night his life had turned from a possible happily ever after to a worst nightmare coming true. He took a stand for a group he had never met, for a feeling he had never experienced. But he took a stand, for his conscience and education told him that it was wrong to discriminate against people. He was no savior or messiah just an ordinary man. There were the fanatics, friends who turned into foes at the flip of a coin. They couldn’t fathom the depth of his arguments. They just wanted to go with the flow. A few who saw sense in his words came. But they had their own agendas.

The lanes he passed everyday became too dangerous to roam. There were attacks verbal and physical. He contemplated giving up. But why he asked. Is it right to single out ? who makes these rules on what is right and what is wrong. The leaders, the society, the holy books ? He stood up for the neglected, the downtrodden and the shunned. No body understood and told him he was fighting a loosing battle with a possible bloody end. He stood alone. A bill was passed. Then the murders started. Free thinkers and supporters were disappearing over night. A witch hunt was on the loose. The upholders of the law didn’t want to get involved with the mob. The media fanned the flames of fury further.

As he stood on the plane he could see their frightened faces. The air was thick with smoke from the torches. “Man fears what he doesn’t understand”, said he and laughed to himself. He lit up a cigarette. As the nicotine started kicking in his eyes started to blur and his mind began to sway. He had never been a violent person. Today was gonna be a first and the last. The mob was upon him now.He was surrounded on all sides. Shouting and abusing.They were waiting for him to make a move. He flicked the butt and took the plunge.

last man standing

14 thoughts on “Last Man Standing”

  1. Hungry for more!Guy Ritchie feel..dark, strong, inspiring. I like the Kal tha…Aaj nahi style intro. It's good that you are experimenting genres and this is definitely a great start!

  2. good ending. open to readers imagination.I suppose he kicks their butt.or just rubs off the cigarette buttreminds me of the hero of my upcoming script "shawdow'..inspired from childhood detective novels..if you dont comment on my posts..i wont be commenting on yours…scratch my

  3. naice! the ending fits absolutely well…soooo "non-cliched"cliched being.. hero doing a karate trick, getting the torch,bashing up da angry mob 🙂

  4. real outcastnastyness comes when you use a single f word, from the same always comes with conditions..bricks are much better..

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