Obsessive Apologetic Disorder

how often do you run into someone who is over-apologetic ?  Normal apologetic I can understand like ‘dude i fantasize about your girlfriend, sorry about that’ but stuff like saying sorry,sorry over and over  like an employee who’s about to be fired for sexual harassment is too much to handle.

dude i was parched so I drank from your milk.sorry sorry so sorry. i will replenish it with my milk. again sorry for the trouble.

dude i am so sorry I forgot to knock the door before entering the restroom. it completely slipped my mind that your door bolt doesn’t work.sorry sorry so sorry for disturbing  you. 

dude I am so sorry that I walked into your room when it was pitch dark and you had just dropped your undies to change into pajamas. sorry man. i should have turned on the light. i am so sorry.

and the whole sorry sorry so sorry thing would have been fine if he had kept it between us but instead he tails you around until you tell him that it is OK! that he walked into you when doing private stuff and all the people around are wondering what on earth happened that he is apologizing so much and I am not accepting his apology. Then he launches into a show and tell instead of dont ask dont tell, and you end up feeling more violated. FML.  

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