of preposterous wall posts

woke up to gloriously sunny sunday morning with temperatures falling to –18 deg c. yes that freezing cold, the kind that shrivels you up so much that even the mundane task of stepping into the hall seems like an expedition to the polar ice caps. so i lay back, relax, sipping the left over bacardi from yesterday night. As the familiar throat burning sensation kicks in i log on to facebook. Wading through a sea of updates, feeds and notifications (mostly from ppl who have commented on the large amount of stuff i post on weekeends.guilty is charged) i come across my wtf  post of the day. dud1 writes on dude 2’s wall : “man you should seriously come and pickup your undies that you left hanging on our wall from yesterday nights halo day.”

This dud1 beats me. In this age of public display of callousness, this one takes the cake. What you post on someone’s wall is for all to see (unless specified) Wher’s the common sense, wher’s the net etiquette. This is the kind of guy who’ll neva switch off his cell phone in movie theatres. You Sire make me sick  @#$%^&


on a different note : so when i login to gmail directly from google talk desktop tried capturing the authorization key the application generated. one tough nut to crack, this was.

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  1. I see BAA sue phd rat om ya pupsi..i guess its misplled…bury fob bp ..A fresh of boat phd guy named om gave pepsi to cows and rats, and got sued.totally fascinating auth key.

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