Dude !

BFF : dude wat’s ur NYC address ?

Sid : empire state building, 100th floor etc etc

BFF: awesome man. my female fren just stays ten blocks away in the Chrysler building.

Sid: interesting.interesting. female fren you say. is she single and ready to mingle ?

BFF: back off you fat fuck.

Sid: oh!  ok, ok,  don’t go all Buddha on me. watever happened to our bros before hoes thingy?

BFF: oh, no. not this time. you keep your horn rimmed sights off her. you get that. bhabi hogi teri, biwi hogi meri.

p.s. in other news, finally Marshall and Lilly get to graduate from the same prestigious Pac-10 School in CA (with resounding approval from the in-laws). Congrats.  I can now proudly wear that clichéd t-shirt “My 2 best friends went to Stanford, and all I got was this t-shirt. fml.” 


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