If (arjun) LEADER’s (Prasad’s) plot was a twitter feed.

Daddy cm’s convoy got attacked.

landed from usa. entering mediciti hospital.tensed.

wow! so many people.

met mom. consoled. trying to stay calm.

lighting up. aah smoke the tension out baby.

mets some ali in a gully. dad took 10 crs wtf ?

asked dhanu abt the 10 crs, he says i’ll look into it.

dad’s wants me to be next cm. hfg !

dad passed away. #cm #rip #tv9

the public out-pour is overwhelming. whatay great man.

in conversation with mama reg. hidden family assets.

mom’s showing me dad’s personal finance blog. Should add to my mint.com account

in conversation with  mom reg. family politics. mom wants me to take the chance to be next cm.

i heart mom.

leafing thru dads blog. flashbacks of a fool.

Pedda nana SOB.

thot for the day “politics: buy-sell.period.”  Back to monopoly days.

walking around dad’s samadhi seeking inspiration.

walking to secretariat. walking in gullies of old city. walking by assembly. sitting by hussain sagar. gave coat to homeless lady. walking agin. luking at budha. saluting tricolor.

still walking … it is dark.

Gave money to street kids.

in conversation with dad’s driver regarding ali’s money

he took 20 laks katte. mofo.

shaved. called ali.

Pedda nana on tv. he talking abt caste politics. damn the studio lighting is bad. makes him look much younger than he is. And that wig. Lol.

called mama reg. family finances. dhanu inviting me for sleepover party.

called dad’s old  contacts reg. money.

Money, money and more money.

told mom about not going to usa. want to do stuff dad wanted to do but cudn’t.

gave ali his money. he sure looks overtly happy. he better be.

fucker ali bad mouths my dad.

striking up alliance with ali.

he sure is a pimp. Claims to know the inner working of the govt.

came out to ali about me wanting to be cm.

pesky reporter gal, overheard our plan. Damn.

dam this girl is so like totally overacting..rachna katte.

candid conversation with rachna.

she sure is pissed with the country and hitting on me as well. blush.

pesky rachna. sweet nothings.

visited dad’s apt. so much money is here.

another apt. more money.

Rachana’s mom chased me. I ran.

mama handed over liquid cash. from sale of property. some politics  small talk.

at party. uday bhanu’s jatka n matkas. the shahasam cheyara dimbaka babe

meeting all political big wigs.

how dare dhanu call my arm candy a hot chick. you’re going down dog.

driving rachana home. romance hi romance.

list of politicians on white board. discussing ministers and selling price.

money dealings with ministers. done deal. it’s raining money here. sugar me baby.

in conversation with deputy cm n home minister. showed money. they are now ready to go down on me if i want.

in conversation with pedananana.mom played the senti card. he will support me now.

entering my first party meeting. goose bumps.

my first speech. nailed it. dhanu is pissed. party is unanimous.

dhanu tries to bitch slap me. i take no shit.

called opposition leader. money talk.

my first press huddle. told mama to beat it. how dare he insult my diesel jeans.

mom gave aarti, sweet. victory is mine.

RT@press: arjun prasad new hope. Our Change (obama) is here.

visiting party office

flower shower. shouts of cm. peace out.

playing hard ball with pedanana. old fuck belittles me. i give him the finger.

pedanana plays his senti card. have to appoint dhanu as home minister #fml.

http://www.twitpic.com/leader/asdg  at swearing ceremony. cool me.

traveling in convoy. respect my authority.

meeting drab office staff. whatay bunch of assholes.

single point agenda: eviction of corruption

wtf not even 500 honest ppl in state ?

my first press conference. suited up. useless powerpoint in background.

contributed dad’s money to peoples fund. clap clap.

my chief of staff seems to have the hots for me.

hi tweeple. tweeting from hospital bed. some bloody fuck shot me in the arm. thanks to swami nityananada I survived.

showing my new bulletproof jacket to stop moms anguish

RT@dhanu i take moral responsibility for the attack on cm. i resign.

walking into assembly. its magical. damn why  am i the first one to arrive?

tweeting from dads seat. So totally cool.

giving heavy english and telugu laden speech

lol the assebly speaker sounds so much like real life speaker suresh reddy

opposition fuckers wont let me do my job

reading out my harvard phd thesis out aloud. fly you fools.

meeting aged politician. useless fellow.

befriended useless politician. tweaked wording of my bill. bill passed.

my crack team of acb-ians is out for raids. remember you heard it here first

smoking in my office is so mad men and so bad ass.

brought out the lawyers

tensed. dhanu planning my down fall.

another part meeting. sigh. i sense trouble.

trying to negotiate with the dimwits. St. Samuel L Jackson give me hope.

everyone walked out. wtf.

sharing a moment with mom.

some chick called me at midnite. ppl have no respect for my time and privacy.

saw archana’s pic in paper. LAFS. making moves to trap her.

ali googled/facebooked/orkutted  archana. giving me a detailed character sketch.

archana_oppositionleadersdaughter :Leader Arjun Prasad is now following you

ended a hunger strike. gosh could do with a starbucks pumpkin spice latte.

Hi tweeple say hi to my friend @archana_oppositionleadersdaughter

in conversation with archana.

another meet with archana. she in a yellow saree. yummy.

in conversation with archana  moonlit hussainsagar in background. LML.

crap! she doesn’t tell me if she has a bf.

no bf. relief. ali spoiling this moment with untimely call.

dream duet/ romantic song with archana

my picture in the papers looks so cool.

jogging with archana and body guards. romance hi romance.

archana bday. quit smoking for her. aah withdrawal symptoms from going cold turkey.

Snooze time.

alert ! bomb blast in lumbini park. gotta rush.

fuck ! dhanu got here first. ranting off.

I am cool cm yo ! i walk around wearing sweat shirts.

signed order of creation of common man protection force (yes pawan kalyan I am stealing that acronym)

visiting pedanana. got pissed off.

proposed to archana. she accepted. aah sweet love. #love

archana spoke to her dad. he agreed. he’s over the moon to have cm as alludu.

shh.. making moves for my master plan.

getting belted in party meeting

archana dumped me. sob sob. i need vodka.#breakup

met ramu the mla’s rapist son. slapped him. Cudn’t do anything else.#fml.

heavy conversation with mom.

mom passed away. rip.

i feel helpless, hopeless and marooned in this bloody political ocean.

i have decided to resign but not before i assfk those bloody politicians.

alert ! raids today. fly you fools.

took an earful from peddanana and then gave him the finger. yes offense !

starting grass roots campaign for my political quest. dress code white.

walking, walking and more walking. public support me.

smile, frown, pump fists for the cameras.

t-state agitators copied my party logo. I’ll sue them.

public talks, meets and greets, huge huddles  (surya did it in yuva first)

my pretty legs are all bruised  and bleeding.

hey hey ! archana is back in my life. hey she gave me new bata slippers  xoxo

grew a beard. lol !

sipping thumbs up, driving tractors, eating roadside food, riding bicycle, playing marbles awesome PR

covered north east west south of andhra pradesh.

rofl tv anchors going over the top in hyping me.

My name is arjun prasad. And i am the cm. Again. (sent from my iphone)

p.s. hey mickey j turn down the music yo !

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  1. oh my…..koolest shit

    hi tweeple. tweeting from hospital bed. some bloody fuck shot me in the arm. thanks to swami nityananada I survived.

    Ha ha ha ha ha rofl

  2. I recommend reading this when u r high..subtle points where i felt the punch
    1) dad passed away. #cm #rip #tv9
    2)leafing thu dads blog. flashbacks of a fool.
    Pedda nana SOB.
    3)my first press huddle. told mama to beat it. how dare he insult my diesel jeans.
    4)trying to negotiate with the dimwits. St. Samuel L Jackson give me hope.
    5)p.s. hey mickey j turn down the music yo !
    ….and more…but this sums up…lol..rofll…lmao..[substitute synonyms here]…

  3. awesome buddy…read it long back…..
    now watched the movie again….the effect was doubled..tripled…..
    some of the best ones:

    i have decided to resign but not before i ass fk those bloody politicians.

    alert ! raids today. fly you fools.

    dad passed away. #cm #rip #tv9

    leafing thru dads blog. flashbacks of a fool.

    Pedda nana SOB.

    masterpiece peeps……
    waiting for YMC twitter

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