Google Buzz > privacy concerns

Though google buzz is a great application thats un-binds us from the shackles imposed by twitter and also gives us facebook like features inside gmail (way to go office productivity) It has some serious privacy concerns. Like the default linking of  all your google account activities to your buzz feed. This has some serious repercussions. Few of my friends uploaded personal pictures to their picasa account and since they are confident no one is gonna be snooping around for pics they put default ‘visible to everyone’ instead of securing the album.   And lo the next moment all these appear by default on their buzz feed. And people they don’t even know get a peek a boo and its a hellish experience.

To avoid such foot-in-the mouth experiences click on buzz tab under the inbox. click on your name. a new window pops up with

John Doe has 48 followers John Doe is following 48  (5 connected sites)

click on connected sites link (a window pops up with all the services that are currently linked to your account)  select picasa and select remove. done. so on and so forth for other secret accounts 😛