To (not to) Quit

In serious work induced April1st rant mode :

banging away keys monotonously as sql server churns up another huge array of numbers I have an epiphany. Fackkk. What am doing here? I was all about being creative and shit. These days my only creative aspect seems to be coming up with new excuses to delay project deadlines. It’s like I’ve made a deal with the devil. Deliver a job after MS in US and I’ll do your bidding. err… take care of that h1b and gc as well.

Me watching episode after episode of Mad Men and wondering how awesome it would be, to be Don Draper in real life. Facck those girls, cars, cigarettes and booze. Being involved in a creative field itself is a high. I always dreamed I would be fighting pitched board room battles defending my creative ideas and emerging victorious to the cries of ‘maximus, maximus’. The heads of conquered kings (board members) lining my walk…sigh ! Many say it’s never too late to start over. You just have to have the balls to take charge of life. (balls to take charge of true)

Life in US is a bottomless pit, at least for me. It’s all about endless visa statuses F1- OPT – H1b – EAD – GC – PR. The journey from one visa category to another always leaves you in transit. Meanwhile parents are trying to hook you up with someone who they feel will be your ideal soul mate in this transition stages. And did I mention taxes/ health care/immigration paper work/ yada yada ?

While I was doing MS at NYU – Poly all my friends were either Research/ Teaching Assistants. I was a lowly librarian. I was often accused of taking the easy way out by not working my ass off for 45 plus hours every week poring over already published papers/ doing textbook illustrated experiments/ grading papers using a master document. I was the slacker. I found joy in reading, watching cartoons/sitcoms, refilling paper when the printer ran out of it, switching off lights at night, taking tea and pee breaks. And not to make sure dad din’t get all hyper ventilating by his prodigal son working as a lowly librarian I made up baloney tales of mythical proportions regarding the groundbreaking digital cataloging I was involved in and how I used Digital Image Processing to look up ebook versions of playboy. It always ended with dad saying I can see through your bs but whatever rocks your boat. rolling eyes expression here.

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