what the book ?

So dad and me were in serious career discussion mode.

Dad : “ you don’t seem to be reading any books of late.”

Me: “ Dad I am currently involved with the 50 books dec 31,2010 project

Dad: “ B.S. son. You’ll just read fifty romantic paperback novels and make tall claims.”

Me: “ of all the books in the world why romantic ? No, no. I am over those pre pubescent literary choices. I swear. I am more into business/technology/philosophy/biographies/ err graphic novels and comics”

Dad: “ does that list include any Stephen R Covey type books ? you know that guy is awesome. Those kinds of books are awesome. I see so many people clutching them in airports and other places”

Mom : (phone’s on speaker) Are you regularly reading vishnu sahasranama ? read, bitch. will do you good.

Me: ” those books are a sham dad. In fact I bet you I can write a self help book myself by just rehashing three such books into one. oh ! hi mom.”

Dad: “arre saleem pheeku tu hameesha phekte rehta hai ya kuch karta bhi” (insert Telugu translation here)

Dad: “ what do you want to do with your life ? Where is your life going ? where do you see yourself five years from now ? Have you added any new skills to your resume? What’s your weight ? (insert many more uncomfortable questions) ”

Me: “ I want to be a writer. I want to work in a creative field. I wanna marry a film … abrupt interruption

Dad/mom: “ wtf ! are you high/drunk or something ?”

Me: “ No, that’s what I really want.”

Dad: “ Ok we gotta go out now. Venkat uncle’s successful son has come from abroad (read software consultant in USA) they are going to see some girl for him today and called us over to tag along. you get some sleep but then don’t sleep like a pig for 10 hours.”

Me: “ ok. Jai Sriman Narayana”

2 thoughts on “what the book ?

  1. >7 years back…same discussion…characters change…Dad: How do u see urself 10yrs down the lane.I: Doing something related to cricket.Dad: Cricket? Who is your inspiration?I: (Harsha Bhogle ESPN school quiz ad on TV and showed dad) he..someone like him…Dad: rey mamzz ekkada start ayyi ekkada end authunnau mamzz…(fill in appropriate sulks)I:…but I love cricket.Dad: andariki aishwarya rai ante ishtame kaani…(not exactly)I:…(sulk). Going to Kishore's house. Will come late.Dad: take these "Physics for You" books and finish that exercise on that page.I:(wish Bhogle starts something like "cricket for you")

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