on love & arranged marriages

other end of the line. Part 1

she: hey! did u see that movie ?
he : yea, but i liked the other movie better.

she:I too liked the other movie. this one was good in bits and parts.
he:this movie was good in bits and parts fails as a whole.

she:omg! i too was about to say the same thing. LOL.
he:it’s amazing how we seem to think alike.

he:yea! totally. We should get married.
she:hey cell fone reception in this area is poor. i’m loosing you. click.

Other end of the line : part 2

She : You like books?
He : I love books

She: you like movies ?
He: IMDB ikkada.

She:You love music ?
He: I ‘m a bathroom singer

She: You like sai baba ?
He: I like sai baba.

She:You like kids ?
He: as long as they are not mine.

She:we should get married.
He: Hey! signal is bad here. I can’t hear you. ttyl.