on small talk | what telugu people do on weekends ?

So here I was all groggy red eyed and nattily dressed for the usual monday morning back-to-work drill.  I feel like I work on some kind of alien colony and keep traveling between earth  and office on a space ship, on mondays.  After scaling the 6 plus flights of stairs and beaming to myself on burning 8 calories/minute  I arrived on my floor with a thud.   Coast was clear. No one populated the corridors as I tip toed to my cabin. As I opened the door ‘bam’ the female co-worker was right in my face. Mustering up some courage I meeked out a ‘Hiya’. Big mistake. She is genuinely  surprised at me taking the initiative to say hi (note : In real life I suck at small talk. I like getting to the issue directly with out much beating around the bush)  So she blurts out           ” How was your weekkk end ? ” {in an over the top overtly excited and dramatic voice with a cherubic grin and eyes wide in shock..creepy}  (like she half expected me to go skiing on the alps or something like that) ” I just slept it off.”  Co-w: ” oh ! yeah. (i sense deep disappointment : my karma ran over your dogma. nailed it !) right. right.  sometimes sleep can do wonders for you and it’s good you caught some  cuz you always appear to be sleep deprived  and keep dozing off in the middle of meeting. ok cya. gtg.”   ” WTF ! bitch ! “

p.s. : what we gults generally do on weekends:  ‘ IPL following,tv9, idlebrain, great andhra, ragalahari, chicken-mutton making, gully cricket playing, mandu party doing, laundry ,grocery shopping, temple hopping,online movies/tv, spoofs/songs/balayya & bramhi clips on youtube, politics/cinema dissecting, complete time passing.

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