on LML to FML

So I was handed out the creative aspect of the project. Design, graphics, fliers and all that jazz. And the gora boss was in charge of the actual heavy lifting stuff (making up spread sheets/powerpoints justifying  the budget and all) with our work neatly divided I just laid back and started playing around with photoshop/illustrator. Finally doing something creative aka  Love My Life.

1 hour after the meeting the gora calls me up and asks me for a status update. I  am like “ Fuck you man this creative design shit is not easy like your spreadsheet stuff. It needs me to think out of the box, make drafts, print, correct,finalize etc etc) A heavy drain on my amazing thinking abilities it is.”

gora: “Why do you have to be a snotty bitch about using photoshop and all ? Can’t you use powerpoint to make those designs ? The last guy used to do so and they turned out pretty decent. Stop wasting time.”

Cs: “ Power point you say…hmmm I have a few copies from the earlier marketing blitz: the picture alignments are off, the margins are over stepping, our people look fat because of improper picture orientation…i can go on”

gora: “ I want the thingy by 5pm today.”

Cs: “ FML and FYL.”

gora: “ You said wat wat ?”

Cs: “ Did you finish making up imaginary figures in your spreadsheets?”

gora: click. call disconnected.


Flashback 2008

I was the self appointed Digital Media and Promotions head (A fancy title i made up for myself :P)  for the Graduate Indian Students Association at NYU – Poly.

It was my responsibility to do : logo design, web and print promotions for the upcoming cultural fest, posters, flyers,invites and all that brand promotion stuff. Every meeting used to start and end with people discussing only my progress I often used to be appalled as to why no one else was talking about their respective departments/responsibilities; but I never made a show and tell as i was too busy basking in my five minutes of fame.

Is this the case with designers (in any capacity) everywhere ? No matter how trivial your contributions to the bigger picture everyone’s hell bent on gang banging you.  Unless you work for a company like IKEA or IDEO.