One life, One chance

The loaded barrel of the gun was the only thing in his field of view. Disillusioned with his life and the quixotic quest to find God he gave up all hope as he knelt waiting for the bullet that had his name on it.

Morality of human race fell with the invention of GSX113. Man had outfoxed the forces of nature, nullifying the results of his actions. For the first time since the big bang man was now the generator, operator and the destroyer. He set out to script a new future for the planet under the aegis of a bunch of scientists. In a single stroke GSX113 had wiped out war, famine, diseases and all evil. The meek could now co-habit the world with the strong. The news was abuzz with science’s victory over religion : “God has been manufactured in the lab. He goes by the name GSX113.”

The thug was brandishing the gun at his face. Beads of sweat tickled down his face.  He tried to look up but was shouted down.

Slowly as the miracles of GSX113 spread to all corners of the planet people started abandoning their God’s. Religious groups saw an exodus. Society became united in its opposition to theology. The last few who defended their faiths were rounded up by mobs of science fanatics and stoned. They lay bleeding on mount doom  waiting for death to tide over  looking up at the bright heavens for an explanation. The promised messiah had never come. God had failed.

“When you’re staring down the barrel of a loaded gun there is God. He’s the guy holding the gun.”  He laughed out aloud to himself as the sound of eventuality rang out. He couldn’t feel pain as the piece of metal blew his brains out. He was dead.    

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