Have you read this book ?


india we have a problem The rider goes : An octane mix of people, media, movies, politics, religion, cricket, terrorism,regionalism and the rupee.

The plot :A terrorist outfit about to unleash project mayhem during the north vs south final cricket match; a counter terrorist group trying to foil the bid; a party inciting communal riots for vote bank politics; a TRP ratings crazy media mogul; a scandalized god man trying to regain his lost glory; a film star about to make his last curtain call; a finical whiz who took the economy for a ride; A father and a son who reshaped the the destiny of a nation.

Advance praise for ‘India : we have a problem’ :

“In India people are happy as long as they are entertained claims the American educated and settled author of IWHaP. This book is a mirror of our times”

“ Probably the next big thing after Mahabharat and Ramayan”

“ fast paced, sarcastic and witty : two thumbs up”

“ an obsession called INDIA ”

“it’s so well written,I can’t believe the author is a first timer with no writing experience”

“India : We have a problem, is the new constitution for our law makers”

available: from SiddWorks  in the next 5 –10 years from today 😉