of love unsaid

Ryan’s had a 2 hr conversation on a long distance call and ponders over falling in love, all over again. Lol.  Some commitment whore this Ryan is. His story gives me idea for a script.

guy ‘kind of’ likes girl. girl ‘kind of’ likes guy. both hesitant to tell each other about the I like’s factor. the chemistry is ever present. love hormones going crazy on both ends of the line. guy doesn’t want to go first; girl doesn’t like being second. both die single. end of story.

In so many good relationships that could end is future matrimony, the commitment spark is ever present but is subdued due to external factors. Why don’t people learn from rom-com movies ? If you like it, put a ring on it bitch;rather than drink down sweet memories/moments with whiskey. sad. ha ha. Ryan and his tall tales I tell ya, crack me up. One confused guy he is.  Doesn’t want to commit to one thing but wants everything. Having the cake and eating it too.duh! Ryan Dude ! it’s ok to make a fool of yourself in love; if the person for whom you’re making  a jackass outta of yourself is worth it. Watch P.S. I love you; nut up or shut up, don’t drag me into your ‘i need commitment advice’ booby trap. I have a happy single life, I’m better that way. I’m Rick James bitch.

on to a different topic, of my youthful looks and kiddo voice. So yea some dude way from school sees my pic on Fb calls me up latter.

“Bro you haven’t changed at all.”

“ (blush) yea my genetic composition baffles me”

“you were 10 stone then you’re 20 stone now”

“acha. you too had tarzan like hair then, gandhi like hair now. pwned you

“your voice hasn’t changed at all, the same raspy voice then and now. amazing how you do it.”

“hmm. thank you. remember that time i defeated you in that debate competition…”

“yea those were the days…silence” (pwned again. sid +2 hairless dude 0)

“ so you getting married and all ?”

“no man. wat’s the hurry.”

“I am getting married next month. My fiancée works in microsoft.” (hairless dude +3 for Microsoft)

“where do you work?”

“ I am between jobs” (fail. hairless dude –3)