on not being that one guy


Whenever I replace/takeover someone else’s position in an organization I am expected to merge seamlessly into my new role; do all the things the other guy used to do. And every time a task/deadline is missed I get blamed for no being as effective as the other guy. If all they wanted was a robot they could have very well picked some charlatan. If the old guy was so damn good you should have retained him; giving him pay hikes and all. More over since you’re supposed to follow orders to the dot, any creativity/innovation is frowned upon. But again if you’re tight lipped trying to browbeat all those suggestions of yours you’re blamed for being dumb and un- entrepreneurial.  “You don’t smile/socialize”, is a common insult I encounter everyday. “I don’t find anything worth being smug about”, I say.  When venting out blues to an over achieving pal he says “Why are you getting so worked up for ? Got a job na ? Just do it. Nut up or shut up.”  The under achieving pal says “ You have a job rite ? Be happy man don’t complain. Life on the bench is hell.” Trying to seek a middle way between these two extreme opinions is hard.  It’s like walking over a tight rope and juggling at the same time. And ADHD which doesn’t want to miss out on the fun, complicates matters just in time. When one person is talking to you blurting out instructions, the mind’s in la la land of its own chasing unicorns and storm troopers. So when instructions for  the task have been spoken out and I am asked “Got that?”  I slyly reply, “ Roger” To beat the blues daily just before I am to enter office I turn up Megadeth’s Iron Man and hit the flight of stairs. A lil bit of cardio is the only  bright spot in my day 😀

On a different note :

So I was made in charge of this dead beat project. The liaison from the other department was pretty worked up as it was her first major event. So I get an email today saying “all the phone’s in our dept. are dead can you fix a meeting for me with that other guy from the other dept. ?”  I replied “ xxx is his number. Use your cell phone and call him.Bye” Little victories that leave me smiling 🙂

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