on work flow and chain of command

When you are in school and getting an education you hear all these awesome things about ‘the work life’  : littered with hefty paychecks and extraordinary bonuses + perks. The one word that should have been the heading instead of an insignificant footnote ‘ lie’.

Boss1 wants to reinstate Project1 which was helmed by Ex-Manager1. Ex-Manager1 is now Owner1 of his Business1. Owner1 tells Boss1 how to get started on retrieving from where he left off. Boss1 forwards it to Current Manager1. Current manager1 is too busy cooking up fancy spreadsheets and is not a technical guy so forwards it to Chief Technological Officer1. CTO1 has his head up his ass so fumes on and on about how Project1 was doomed from the start. Boss1 , CTO1 and CM1 are in a threesome, bouncing off angry emails to one another on nicoompery and breach of contract jazz. Three of them realize Intern1 is whaling away time typing out their squabbles on his blog. Boss1,CTO1,Exmanager1,currentmanger1 get together and  dump the shit load of work on the unsuspecting, calm,well mannered  Telugu boy, who just throws up his hands in the air and mourns about how his weekend is going to get super wasted again.

p.s. Intern1 has no effing clue as to what to do with Project1.

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we’d see the day when nobody died

                       – Nickelback : If Everyone Cared

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