The Big Picture

Today, again was one of those days you know, when, ‘ I was walking through life unnoticed.’ A simple long distance call back home put everything back in perspective mode. I now realize why it is even more important for me to succeed in what ever I decide to make out of my life. The whole fml funda is out of the window.  ctrl + shift + del.

It dawns upon me, as to how crucial I am to the thinly veiled family fabric. The sibling who could have very well been the next wunderkind but chose not to be, making the ultimate sacrifice for the not so deserving one. The parents and their unmentioned tales of kindness. I look up and see a whole cloud of expectations precariously balanced on my shoulders. Failure is not an option. Methinks from now on every time I visualize this cloud, I falter from doing the wrong thing. Pressure is good. No, it is awesome. And for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder types like me it is the ultimate motivator.  So I henceforth decide to quit being a whiny bitch and work my ass off towards whatever my cloud says is right.haha.

p.s. the title is a shameless rip off of the pictures page in the  😛

and all that cloud reference is a result of me trying to follow strides in cloud computing 😀

Ridin’ down the highway
Goin’ to a show
Stop in all the by-ways
Playin’ rock ‘n’ roll
Gettin’ robbed
Gettin’ stoned
Gettin’ beat up
Broken boned
Gettin’ had
Gettin’ took
I tell you folks
It’s harder than it looks
It’s a long way to the top
If you wanna rock ‘n’ roll

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