what a facade sirjee

So some friend sought my advice on whether to join an educational institution or not. For the tech savvy type I am I got down to some googling and backtracking. So I arrive at the site. It has the usual every Indian Management Institute that aspires to be an IIM type of look and feel to it. What’s with the bloody layout btw couldn’t they hire a nice user interface guy? pisses me off to no end these sliders, rss feeds, social media, the same taxonomy of headings and side headings in Arial font and CAPITALS and BOLD. And I realize the same design rip-off symptoms present in many websites. No fucking innovation or freshness. And what is with the pre-disposition with plastering pictures of fair skinned, neatly trimmed, suited, booted types of students. Trying to impress the parents is it ? It’s like no dark skinned, disheveled hair, uncouth beards, jeans/t-shirt totting slunk students attend this college. Really ? Really ?? Incredulous. It’s all make believe show and tell.

I never understood business’ obsession with suits. All a suit tells me is someone likes to waste a lot of money on being uncomfortable. It tells me nothing about their skill set, ability to do the job. ~ kingdom2000

On a different note Steve Jobs says : “We’re Apple. We Don’t Wear Suits. We Don’t Even Own Suits.”    Look how uncomfortable Steve Jobs looks in a tux (Thanks V)

steve jobs in a suit

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