The Bedim Conspiracy

location : The secret war room of The Supreme One.

All the generals were huddled together in fright as the notice for the meeting had been short and sudden and no one really had time to prepare their briefs.Trying to break the tension in the air they smoked their cigars and indulged in small talk over caviar and cognac. The big screen flickered to life; the room fell silent abruptly. The screen was filled with the interiors of the conference room on spaceship 1. The Supreme One was super angry; his wide forehead had deep furrows as his eyes moved furiously from one deadpan face to another.

No one dared to speak or for that matter even breathe. He bellowed  “ Does anyone who why I had to call this sudden meeting when I would rather be off playing interstellar world of warcraft? ” No answer forthcoming he shouted again, “Gentlemen, we have been caught with our pants down on The Bedim Conspiracy.” silence. The faces of a few senior generals began to turn  pale in fear of anticipation of his next words. He turned to his senior attaché “ Ryan you are the supreme commander in charge of the Bedim project how did you not see the happenings of the past few months and their far reaching consequences ?”  Ryan tried to utter a few words but was unable to. The Supreme pressed a button on his iscreen and that was the last of Ryan.

“ The Bedim Conspiracy was my master plan to rule the world. Waging countless wars would never get me supremacy and what’s left to rule if there is no one to rule on. So I drew up this sketch to capture minds; for once the mind has been subdued and sedated people are just sheep with no ambition. And as a part of this scheme I unleashed a media  storm; for people of the world just want to be entertained,every day, all the time. The sought movies, drugs and sleaze; I gave them all that and much more. But recently it has come to my notice that a new breed of free thinkers has unshackled themselves from all that is ‘cool’ in the world and has set out seeking answers from the oldest and the greatest teacher of all : Nature. They possess totems that keep them weaned of my tinsel attractions. And slowly as their numbers grow they will overthrow my rule. I will not let this be. Get my ace director Christopher Nolan and tell him to make a movie that will penetrate their minds (the sheep) and do an inception of confusing cut scenes and special effects interspersed with an befuddling tale that will keep them preoccupied debating, repeat watching and fine reading between the lines for the near foreseeable future. The last time I faced such an army of free thinkers in 1968, I got Stanley Kubrick to unleash 2001 : A Space Odyssey. I had the sheep debating non stop on on the significance of the monolith.”

Silence in the war room continues as the trailer of Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio starts playing on the screen.