What grinds my gears

Quit it you ‘the’ people, saying out aloud  oh my gawd I wish I worked for google because this old vid of their work place (making rounds now via fb wall posts) made me come in my pants. Yes google kicks ass. I am a google fanboy. So what if Google takes branaic’s and I was not called for that job in the HR division; but you ‘the’ people who seem to whining (and are some of the smartest kids I’ve known), incredulously work for some of the biggest names in tech, finance and telecom. The perks offered at mountain view are a  deal clincher/life changer now?  seriously? But I ain’t complaining about my job though, for the compassionate soul I am,  whenever I get all sad and depressed I visit the ER. ER is where the pain is, period. I walk out a changed man and thank Sai Baba for my plump health and insurance coverage.

So yes, Google has an awesome work place,so does facebook, apple, twitter and all other software sperm that exploded out of silicon valley. I want to work on cutting edge/world changing technologies did I hear you say ? flash..flash..breaking news, you will not work on those technologies, ever. So take a moment, breath in, suck it all up, now look at those yellow post it’s on the walls surrounding your cubicle. Get back to work now. No,seriously. There are pivot tables to be made, graphs drawn, data to be mined, flowcharts sketched, flashy powerpoint presentations to be copied, memos to be sent out. Chop chop go bill atrocious amounts of money for your company and feed the capitalistic juggernaut. You gotta risk it for the biskit.

In any event, if you are a product of America’s public school system, you may very well have asked yourself, as I once did: “What have I learned in my twelve years of school that will help me get a job?” That’s certainly an interesting question, but, strangely enough, the answer is far less important than the question itself. For that question reveals a mindset that has been instilled in America’s children by our public education system, by conventional wisdom, and, in all probability, by almost every student’s parents for generations. Namely: Get an education, get a job, work hard, buy a house, save for the future, and someday you will be able to retire and live happily ever after. That mindset, according to this book’s author, has doomed generations of Americans to a lifetime of hard work with little chance success, leading many to someday ask themselves: “Why is it that I have a good education and work hard at my job, but I never seem to be able to get ahead?” The answer, again according to this author, is that, despite the fact that America is a capitalist society, our public schools only train our children to be good employees, good soldiers, professionals, and small business owners, but teach them nothing about money and finance or how to properly invest and prosper in a capitalist system. – Marvin D. Pipher reviews Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich