on Jug Suraiya and the Jugular Vein

Circa 10th grade when I sill used to read Deccan Chronicle dad once got me an in-flight copy of the times of India, New Delhi – Sunday edition. Giving Times of India to a kid surviving on DC was showing him what wonders lay beyond the confines of  newsprint monopoly. This copy dad gave me I thoroughly read end to end, when I came across Jugular Vein. Mr. Suraiya had written something about a tree. I guffawed as I read.  And that’s the first time I laughed reading a newspaper article. I pestered dad to get me TOI he refused because it had too much inappropriate exposing and all. I finally was able to convince him to at least get the Sunday edition. He relented when I pointed out that in a few years I will have to go out into the corporate world and my vocab had to be at least 10,000 words strong; The Hindu though doing a good job I found was far too sophisticated (I have never read the editorial till date) for a kid in 10th class; TOI was cool.

Mr. Jug Suraiya’s writing was so funny, precise, spot on and loaded with witticism+sarcasm. And he never used any arcane or indecipherable  words (at least I dint find any) So when I started scribbling small notes behind my workbooks during math class I would try to imitate his style. I never knew how good a job I did of copying him but it was an escapist pleasure; I would write some stuff, take up a newspaper clipping of the Suraiya’s writing, place them end to end and see if I came anywhere close. A teacher once saw me doing this and thought I was writing some sleaze stories. haha.

Years have passed since those first notes to myself and I haven’t followed the Jugular Vein as much as I would have wanted to. Today, as I was tied down in my cubicle staring at post it’s some short story struck me along with how I used to dedicate whole Sunday afternoons to only reading the news paper. One thought led to an another and eventually landing at the Google homepage. Did a little bit of searching and lo the good folks at TOI have placed the Jugular Vein in nice type face at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articlelist/19865420.cms

I am going to make full use of my laserjet printer now. Or PDF them and read away on the IPad.


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