A brand is a name, sign, symbol, slogan or anything that is used to identify and distinguish a specific product, service, or business.

So you see this PYT post pics of herself on FB ok ? And in some of them you see her flashing a smile and inadvertently there is bound to be at least one comment which says “ Modeling for Colgate – close up  / whatay close up smile and the likes” You read it right. Not happy dent, not wrigley’s not any of those atrocious brands of gum or paste good ol’ Colgate/Close Up. Word.

That dear Sirs and Ladies is the power of branding and product recall value. Of course I don’t know how much of this brand recall value translates into sales though. Will need a MBA or will have to pore through sales/marketing reports. Yawn.

p.s. the above observation is applicable only if you grew up India in the 90’s watching Doordarshan and STAR TV.

So this Telugu dude I happen to know has nothing better to do than post pics of him wearing a yellow shirt on FB. And soon the inundation of feedback follows. “Telugu Desam huh !” brand.

p.s. the above observation is applicable only if you watch TV-9 Telugu or Telugu movies or all things Telugu in general.

From V’s FB feed On Twitter : @RGVzoomin so what wud be a definition of settled people according to you ? RGV replies ‘dead’. LMAO!! Best answer ever and my answer too. (“when will you settle?”….”when will you settle?”…dick heads..there is no settlement in life. Life is like river, you flow, you can never settle.)

p.s. as if life dint present many issues to muse about I am leeching stuff off  FB. haha. pathetic.

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