Illusion of death, no?

Place : Universal studios. The Jurassic Park ride. Time : 8:00 PM

While standing in line was watching the excited Asian guys next to me in bright yellow ponchos and Lol-ed to myself such wusses these are; a little water can do no harm. The ride arrived at the gates,we boarded duly and slowly left land. A huge gate opened, ushering us into a prehistoric wetland and all. Suddenly some dinosaur heads appeared from the hillocks and started squirting on us. It was bleedy annoying mah!    And suddenly a torrential downpour here and a waterfalls there; it was more like a reenactment of the movie Raavan with it’s water symbology. I began hating it. The Asians were having a blast at my discomfort, lol-ing every time I let out a curse like Cartman from the tourettes episode (very explicit language). No wonder Dinosaurs perished owing to all this wetness.

As we neared the end of the ride I was almost all drenched and fuming when the roller coaster took a turn for the ‘exciting’.  The ride meandered slowly and ramped up and landed under a giant T-Rex head of monstrous proportions (A blood curl inducing howling one at that) plus the head was strategically placed amidst a huge rapid.  My seat stopped dead right under the gigantic head so that I could count all it’s teeth and piss in my pants at the same time, the water falls acting increasing the feeling of helplessness. Filmy dialogues were playing in the background “all life support will terminate..”    Rahul surreptitiously whispered “it’s die time bitch” and bro, shit hit the fan. The roller coaster fell steeply down the ramp without warning. How fast I can’t calculate because my mind had gone numb/shitless at the suddenness of it all. I closed my eyes and yelled out aloud I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die and many other expletives. I felt it was certain death but no memorable scenes from my life were playing in fast forward before my tightly shut eyes.  I though I must have died already and floating in purgatory, my sins absolved and all. But damn! I wudn’ know what happened on the next Entourage between Vince and Sasha.  I felt a poke. It was Deeraj. “Wake up pussy, the ride’s over.” I was reborn a changed man that instant.

p.s. needless to say when we saw the pictures of the ride (taken by a camera deceptively placed some point after the steep fall ) I was the only person in the entire group who  was hunched over the protective bar holding on for dear life with a face as pale as death.

link of interest : Why A Brush With Death Triggers The Slow Motion Effect by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich.

This video was taken by some dude when there was at least some fleeting sunlight. Ours was pitch dark.