and then I went off the deep end man

Hi there. I am Red. My Friends call me that. You can too. Red why ?

Well my parents thought t’was  a pretty short name; easy to remember. We was always known as a clan of simpletons around town ; keeping it simple all the time; my name figures. School can be a mean place man. ya got the jocks, the geeks ,the nerds, the bullies, the goths, the emos, the confused, the immigrants and all sundry. Anytime someone asked me why I was Red and not any other color I just made up a story saying ma folks liked the The Red Badge of Courage.  Always keep it simple man. People like it that way. I ain’t go outta my way and mess with people’s business. Like I sees some guy getting all beat up behind the school alley I wud just say my prayers and run man. I got beat up many times myself. I was a puny kid man; I din’s start filling out till I was 20.  I pretty much lived my life by the holy book and be all eat, pray and loving.

Me was never good at studies becuz my mind would always keep jumping around thinking bizarre things and all. Science with it’s theories of evolution confused me while math with it’s never ending equations scared me. And i had really bad handwriting. My folks being the simple blokes they were blamed it on me. It never occurred to them that I may have a condition.  Employing unethical means I always managed to scrape off passing grade in every class.   But wait; academic life man such boring topic to talk about. This is about when and how I went off the deep end man.

Like I said, I was a simple guy living his simple life but as time passed this regularity induced some sorta depression man. I was always all sad and hung up for no apparent reason. I started smoking and drinking like crazy; get high and wasted and finally sleep in a pool of my own mess. I tried to kick the vices man but they had become integral to my life now. Soon there was the weed and then the cocaine, ecstasy,heroin and  meth. My life had hit rock bottom man. I quit my steady job, broke up with my fiancée; just stay put at home all day long listening to them Led Zeppelin and shooting one drug after another.  My money ran out and my gut hung out; I never stopped to ask my self why I hated me so much. I was too much of a coward to commit suicide and the drugs weren’t fast enough. Thanks to the everyday cocktail of drugs I was doing, my cognitive functions shot up and  t‘was during this time that i started reading them Wikipedia, a lot. A particular section was my favorite.   Mysterious celebrity deaths.

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  1. >dude..loved it. You certainly have a gift for writing. I am telling you, continue this idea…horror??suggestion : dont try to be perfect..just think of it as a rough draft.

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