Toto, I Think We’re In Kansas Now

that’s what Ryan said a few minutes after taking a hit from the bong with bob marley’s picture on it. (said he got it for a steal in the village)

I sat besides him in a smoke filled room among fellow bros; diligently taking notes. This psychedelic trip would be worth chronicling karke.

Hit 1. Bong. He coughed. a lot. I thought he would die coughing. Cycle over. he sat with legs crossed; fists clenched and placed them on his heart saying man this things beating so fast like it’s gonna explode. He looked around for reassurance; but none was forthcoming. All the hombres smiled at the guy and his virgin lungs.  He put his back to the wall  resting his wide back. Seemed alive and kicking enough to me. Then they started streaming Mike Myers ‘Love Guru’ on the xbox. He stay put in his back to the wall position and continued watching; eyes wide open. After sometime I noticed  his pupils were bleedy red; like juicy tomatoes man. Suddenly he started laughing at some mindless scene and continued laughing for the next twenty minutes.  He made some comments as to how jessica alba is a hpoa and he would totally jandu balm her. You can drug Ryan but you can’t take  bollywood  outta  him. Respect.

He started playing this song man. you can’t appreciate it unless you are stoned. It’s such a slow song I almost fell asleep but Ryan was all attentive with his ears perked up, nipples hardened and all. He shouted out aloud that this song was the real dope.  I hadn’t seen him this gesticulatingly excited since that scene of Gandalf horsing down the hills in the two towers movie.

Country Joe and The Fish – Grace