when the sirens toll

they are too late; for death has already beaten them to it.

I glanced at the collective bloodied mess lying sprawled in the dark alley. A few were whirling in pain, relapsing into spasms from the various bullet holes that riddled their torsos; I pumped some more bullets in them to end their misery.  The rest of the gang ? well they were half past dead.

The neighbors heard the gunshots but were too scared to come out and check. For stuff like this happened every day around here and it was best to leave the streets to police itself.

I sat on the  steps of a nearby apartment ; tired and bloody. Flicked open my  cigarette case and lit up a menthol.  I had been knifed twice in the stomach and sucker punched in the face but the thugs were no match for my  Kimber .45 ACP. The killing had been quick and bloody.

Rorschach watchmen

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