in between ruminations

Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra. A 900 plus pages epic. It’s been a really long time since I sat hunched under a lamplight until the wee hours of morning and  literally devoured a book (book marking,dog earing, coffee spilling and all)  I rediscovered the pure exhilaration that was reading.

Sacred Games

After Shantaram and Maximum City, Sacred Games sort of completes the Mumbai crime noir for me.

A little history on my quest to finish Sacred Games.

Year 2007. A book store on a footpath abutting the busy Panjagutta Junction. I noticed a shiny new paperback copy of Sacred games. Picked it up. Damn it was heavy. Like always read through the two line reviews on the back cover; a snippet in the inside jacket and was hooked; but sadly dint have the money to buy/borrow the book. But the cover stuck in my mind.

Year 2010. NYC cubicle. Sleepy post lunch induced boredom. Out of no where I remember this book but the name escapes me. Google: bombay police criminal novel and lo amazon spit out Sacred Games. I had instant orgasm; because that exactly was the book. After much placing hold at NYPL  it duly arrived (The NYPL system man is AWESOME) In a different time and a different place when a book I had been waiting to read for so long would arrive I’d pounce on it with all gusto strangely not with this one. It lay on my shelf for 6 months !! (collecting dust and bed bugs and some heavy fines to the NYPL) every time it came into my field of vision I would open it; flip a few pages and close it. I read every other book except this (even the likes of cosmopolitan, yikes!) Last week I finally decided to read it. And 7 days man; just flew.I was reading while walking,sleeping,eating,working,shitting, the subway, coffee shop, cubicle, under the Brooklyn bridge, over the Brooklyn bridge, most walking most parts of downtown Manhattan. I went totally junkie.  And what a book it turned out to be. The rich cast of characters, the colorful language, the plot, the sub plots. No wonder it took Vikram Chandra 7 long years to write this book.

Figures out the changes India went through during partition were so profound and the times of Nehru and Indira Gandhi, communism are rich material for a book. Note to self : must read about India from the 50’s to the 90’s. Manil Suri’s the The Age of Shiva is another great book man.

2010 has been a remarkable year for me wrt to the amazing books I’ve read and the excellent movies I’ve seen. Thanks to M for the book habit and RR for the ifilms.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Finally saw the movie. Was junked up on coffee  and lo I saw it in one go.  It was – Subtle. Beautiful. Spot on.


Man there are so many thoughts/ideas/snippets/stories that are battling it out in my mind as I type these lines but again I’m back to procrastinating.

btw read this excellent article on Procrastination and movie choices.