Corruption + India

* unsure about the veracity of the figures quoted in the video.

The looting of India via corruption

It’s hard to keep  anger and emotions in check with the fucked up state of our union. Yes , yes I am some guy sitting on his ass in his New York apartment and ranting about corruption rather than be in India do the  ‘be the change you want to see in the  world’ bit.

During  the recent trip to India I proclaimed to my dad, “ I am fucking angry and annoyed with this corruption and injustice; I want to join politics. To be in the system to change the system.” dad flashed his all knowing smile. He dint refute or oppose my idea; which is a first btw. He took me to a near relative; an ex MP/MLA who after a long political innings handed over the reins  to his Son. This ‘Sir’ said, “You want to do good for the country  and  are well educated ; what is wrong with you ? Anyways, I hope you are making good money in the US (Lol) because the asking price for entry level political career is 5 c. Stock 5 c and meet me again; by 2014 if possible” He said it in a cool nonchalant way like ‘twas axiomatic. The meeting ended I touched his feet and said “ I better get started on collecting the c’s then…

2 thoughts on “Corruption + India

  1. >It (political system) is so hopeless… I arrived in Hyderabad INTERNATIONAL (i want this in capitals) Airport few days ago. The customs officer asked me if I had any excise goods, and I denied. He then asks me for "a $20 please" while exiting the airport. What a shame that I am greeted to my country by some random guy who wants to snatch my money away for no reason. What a welcome! And some people say, "you don't love your country? You stay abroad and talk shit about India." Give me a reason to love. Not emotions. I am writing this as a concerned citizen, not as someone who wants to just mock.Good luck with your endeavor for politics. Wish you all the best. It's we who need to do something for our country.

  2. >u must be kidding me…u and politics? what r u going to do there? entertain the parliament with your wisecracks? 😀 Seriously though, good luck.

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